Republican women who look like owls

What the title says.

Yes, yes they do.

That’s what face-lifts and nose-jobs get you.

Isn’t this lowering ourselves to the inane “Hillary is a horseface” level? If the point is their political ideas suck, their appearances shouldn’t matter. And if the point is that the photos strike you as weird, how do their political affiliations matter?

Why do anything ever?

Hey Gus, your backpack’s a slut. And Gingrich’s wife doesn’t look like an owl, she looks like Cesar Romero as the Joker from the old Batman.

I don’t find them attractive, but I wouldn’t bother posting about that.

Once you stop laughing, there actually is an strange cultural issue here - why do powerful wives get facelifts and botox treatments with such terrible results? Off the top of my head it seems to be a heavily Republican thing in politics; is this actually true? Do the wives get it done more often than female politicians? Does how politicians want their wives to look actually vary by party?

It also might just be a recent or temporary thing; Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, and Elizabeth Dole didn’t go for it as much. They all had this common severe/rich look to them though.

Absent some evidence that this is a particularly Republican image and not just typical of rich older women who can afford plastic surgery, I’m going to call shenanigans on this thread.

Fetch the brooms.

Isn’t getting facelifts and botox just a rich white woman thing rather than specifically a Republican thing?

Of course it is, but Jason just cant help slamming republicans for every thing he sees. Its just too much of who he is.

You’d think it would be just a rich thing, but prominent Democratic women don’t appear to do it that I can tell. Or maybe they just have way better surgeons.
Hillary Clinton.
Diane Feinstein.
Barbara Boxer.
Patty Murray.

Nancy Pelosi maybe.

No one else particularly comes to mind as prominent.

In the wives department, Teresa Heinz, Michelle Obama, Tipper Gore.

Thread reminds me of this…

I am guessing Obama isn’t going to have a similar collage made about him.

I think it has to do with who they’re married to.

After you start going through wives you tend to have different requirements apparently.

In the case of the above I believe they were all the only wives their respective husbands had instead of the latest person on his list.

Edit: Only Dole is a 2nd (or later) wife and shes done more than just be Bob Dole’s wife historically.

Given that rich white women are mostly married to rich white men and the fact that most couples hold the same political beliefs, ‘Republican’ is probably a good enough generalization for that specific group of people.

This would be hilarious if there were actually more than just two pictures.

The obama joker meme campaign seems close enough:

I gotta say this thread doesn’t deliver on either front.

If you’re a Serious Liberal, then this is just the sort of petty spitefulness you don’t want to see more of, not least because it raises the ire of every feminist in the room.

And if you are a petty spiteful liberal, then there aren’t nearly enough pics for you to laugh at.

What I’m saying is we need more rich old biddies to mock in here.

Too lazy! Mail gawker.