Republicans looking at your tax returns

WASHINGTON (AP) Congress passed legislation Saturday giving two committee chairman and their assistants access to income tax returns without regard to privacy protections, but not before red-faced Republicans said it was all a mistake and would be swiftly repealed.

Yeah, I’ll bet it was a mistake alright.

That was the current Congress with all the current Republicans and Democrats that passed this bill, yeah?

Right. But guess who put it in there…

Just checkin’. Fair and balanced, and all.

It’s already been repudiated by Republican leadership and put on hold for a revision. My guess is some overzealous aide snuck it in as a rider.

The Republicans aren’t stupid, just evil. :)

Um… no, probably not.

I haven’t seen this much flip flopping since the last time I hooked a fish.

Well the real story (according to NPR) is that this was one paragraph in the 3300+ page document of this year’s budget, added as a rider by no one knows whose staff, written by someone at the IRS itself.

So blaming “Republicans” seems just a touch early at this point.

Hopefully it points out the absurdity of omnibus packages. I just wish that lawmakers would one day be forced to actually read the laws they sign into effect for the rest of us.

Just an initial for every law or spending item, to be penned in by their own hand.

After half of congress gets RSI, they might stop dealing with local issues at a federal level.