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Apparently reviews matter in… hell?


Haha- the review submission video just went up featuring a screenshot inspired by yours truly. Can’t wait to watch @tomchick

Edit: Oh, its a post.

Ah good old Deus Ex, as I recall that was Tom’s GOTY for 1999.

I heard it has visceral combat and stunning graphics.

:) cheers (on delay)

Now that I am allowed to post – I probably will return to my old ways. Plus maybe support Q23 in a way that makes sense, which probably includes a check in the mail.

I am just happy that i don’t have some crazy stalkerish doofball running around.

OMFG KG! Are you still on Steam? Did you get yourself into trouble in some iced tea Ponzi scheme?

Welcome back @KristiGaines!

Bacon – uh - I think no is my best answer, but I wonder… I do try and be truthful…

Bat i have missed you! I thought of you when i saw the stalker 2 videos! I hope hat game lives up to your expectations.

@KristiGaines welcome back, always good to see pleasant forumites return

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Read the Old World Review
Played Old World

Joined the Patreon.

Been reading your stuff for years and years… Least I can do!

Why weren’t you allowed to post? Welcome back by the way! :)

Oh that was last year thanks for asking. I had a stalker and it got into the workplace and I had to cut myself off. Now I bet Tom sometimes hovers over the “ban” button occasionally … lol (I actually doubt that) but I then returned after around 8 months. All good !

And the forum has been better for it. :)


Thanks guys. Aside from my projecting protecting the great republic… I love my warhammer 2.

Ho yes, that is the thread where I remember you from LOL. Liked your enthusiasm and passion for that game. Glad you’re back and that the creepy stalker issue is behind you.

Warhammer 3 is on the horizon and you need to get back to work.