Request: [spoiler] tags?

Because they’re afraid of hearing or reading spoilers?

No, that’s why they should avoid going into a thread that contains spoilers.

Spoiler tags are simply a tool of courtesy, not sure what there is to debate.

I agree with steve, I don’t read the village threads because I plan on seeing it. I guess koontz likes to read and debate points about movies he hasn’t seen, but is that really normal behavoir?


What if I’m not sure if I want to see a movie yet?

Vote 1 - Spoiler Tags. :P

I’d also like to see the [spoiler] tags show up.

I actually would have loved to have read “The Village” thread(s) prior to seeing the movie; not to get any plot points revealed, but to get a sense of whether the QT3 folks liked it or not. I value the opinions of a lot of the posters here, but I didn’t dare pop my head into that thread to see how people felt about the movie until after I’d seen it.

So, yeah, count me in. I’d like to see this happen.


With the Firefox ROT-13 bookmark trick and the #fafafa quoted text, I’m not so sure a spoiler tag is all that needed anymore.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen geeks argue against something “because it’s not needed.”

I agree with steve, I don’t read the village threads because I plan on seeing it. I guess koontz likes to read and debate points about movies he hasn’t seen, but is that really normal behavoir?

Perhaps not. But there are pretty active threads discussing movies before they’re even released. Right around release time, those sometimes get hit with spoilers.

Do we need a spoiler tag? Of course not. But I see no harm in having one, if it’s not too much effort, and if “the people” want it.

The phpBB “hack” I linked to above would produce the following example when used with tags.

The advantage with having this scrollover-reveal hack is that it works with nearly every browser out there, as well as not interrupting the text flow in the same way that a quote block in the middle of a post does.

It’s ten minutes of install work for anyone with access to the forum’s codebase.

I have no problem with adding it to the forum, but I don’t know the first thing about the software. If Chet feels like adding it, he’s more than welcome to.

Personally, I think just putting Spoiler in the subject header or at the top of you post works fine. If I want to avoid spoilers, I can steer around it.


Oh, and thanks for ruining the secret of Electroman. Fucker.


Don’t you guys find the blinking text somewhat annoying? Crazy kids.

It’s not blinking, though, it’s one of those newfangled mouse-over tricks. Isn’t that so fetch?

But wouldn’t it be cool if the spoiler tag also did blink SPOILER at the beginning of the post?

I’ve got no problem with it, but why not just rot13 spoilers and link to a decoder?

Larry Wall: “A truly great computer programmer is lazy, impatient and full of hubris.”

The [spoilers] tag will create black boxes that will reveal their white text simply by moving your mouse pointer across them. No clicking involved. No copy and pasting to another site. No highlighting. No clicking on an outside extension or bookmark.

Really, it’s a ten minute operation, and anyone saying it would take any real effort to install, enough to promote any of these other methods over it, is only making fun of Chet’s abilities. And you really don’t want to do that. ;)

I wouldn’t have a problem with the ROT13 thing, but people have to know about it first. The only reason I found out about it was from a thread in Games, which I ordinarily never venture into.

The problem with that is you get used to it and then the next time the board gets upgraded the mod goes away. I’m still waiting for the fix for session bug thing to get added back so I can post more efficently from work.

As for being lazy, you can also just look away from threads you don’t want to see when you see spoiler written in a message. While you are looking away, you can just pretend there are black boxes after the spoiler part and everyone is happy.

This will become a contest between lazy posters/readers and lazy chet…

Actually it will go on my - todo list. About to launch a new site, so give me a little bit of time on this, this month sometime. While it may “only take 10 minutes”, these forums are modded slightly, and everything has to be gone through to make sure there is nothing overly stupid, you would be surprised how many simple mods do something stupid. Since this is just touching bbocde i imagine, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Until then, have you guys seen this?, i think it has more thought in its design than Doom 3.