Reserved thread for made-in-USA iPhones


The Donald promised me it would happen.


He’s going to invade and annex China. But ssssh, don’t tell them, it will be a surprise attack.


Can we keep our collective meltdown in P&R where it belongs please.


Agreed. Please move this thread to P&R.


100% agree. I don’t want to read about politics here. Depressed enough already.


Wimps. I’m trying to wallow in this as much as humanly possible. It’s almost nice to feel something again, even if it is abject misery.


Understandable, but that’s what P&R is for.


Man, have you seen the Apple v. Android threads here on H&TS?


I’d prefer to keep this forum about mouse jigglers only.


… you make a good point. Carry on. :P







I love how compartmentalized politics are on this forum. As someone who is aligned differently than the vast majority of this board I know that if I just avoid one subforum I can divorce politics from the subjects I actually enjoy discussing. Lets keep it that way.


But then how are we all going to point out how wrong you are?

(From our Made in USA iPhones, of course, he said, staying on topic.)



This is why we need to bend over backwards, from a societal perspective, and make sure all our companies are home-grown.