Resident Evil 4 for the PC?

I heard that DMC 3 for the PC was a pretty horrible port. Is the same true here? Do I get mouse aim?

The same company is doing it, so the answer is… probably.

I was waiting for RE4 for the PC but I got tired of waiting and got the PS2 version instead. The control really is designed for a gamepad - its not FPS-y at all and I imagine it being much more cumbersome and awkward with KB+M. Get one of the console games. If you don’t have a PS2 or a GC… buy one. It’s worth it.

How much are Gamecubes used? That’s lunch money. Just suck it up and buy one, then dump it when you don’t need it any more. Or rent. Also, mouse aim would suck horribly for the game - play it for five seconds an you’ll see why straight away.

I’m asking just because I’m messing around replaying RE4 on the PS2 and I’m wondering if the extra (some laser cannon) and mouse aim will make me want to do it on the PC.

I don’t see why mouse aim would be so bad. W,A,D,S for moving, hold shift to pull your gat(rat a tat tat), then mouse to aim and click to shoot.