Retro Gaming Dance Party

So, for whatever reason, I made another attempt to get a few old games of mine running. And thanks to the ole intarweb, I actually have my first two attempts up and running which have failed me in the past.

I have System Shock 2 up and running under WinXP with the community texture and model upgrade packs. I am pretty much creeping myself out every night now.

I have Crusader: No Remorse running under DOSBox. Isometric 2D with FMV actor goodness!

I need to go closet diving and try and fine some more oldies of mine.

So, are there any others out there that get the fever for the old games?

When I first discovered DOSBox I gleefully tried out Ultima Underworld, U8 Pagan, Frontier: Elite II, Savage Empire, and a few other chestnuts. I really need to go back and replay many of those. I was pleasantly surprised, in particular, by Pagan, which felt quite modern with its nice graphics and in-engine cutscenes. Almost felt like an Infinity Engine game…

Hey what front end are you guys using for Dosbox? I currently use D-fend which works nicely in my experience.

I’ve got Darklands and both Ultima Underworld games installed along with a couple of old sims, Falcon 3 and Fleet Defender. When I got Falcon 3 up and running I had a Kodak introspective moment - the last time I played it was way back in '92 on a POS Packard Bell 286 with a CH Products joystick.

The Crusader games are still fun as hell and I often wonder why EA hasn’t revived the franchase.

Finally played all the way through Jedi Knight II earlier this year. Ran very nicely on WinXP with a few tweaks. Mysteries of the Sith, on the other hand, had in-engine cutscenes that ran at 50x normal speed…

Also this year: Sin and Quake 2. They played great, running old games at maxed-out settings is a treat.

Also replayed Duke Nukem 3D using JonoF’s Build engine port:

Yay mouse aiming. Looking forward to doing the same with Shadow Warrior, another game I never finished.

I just installed a copy of System Shock 2. Working fine without any tweaking on XP Pro right now. I’m as far as having just done the tutorial and joined the Navy. In The Navy!

On DosBox with D-fend, I’ve got a medium, 4 opponent map of MOO going. First time I’ve played it. I also have an off again on again game of Arena going with a Nightblade. I have 2 staff pieces and an artifact. I have a game of X-COM 4: Apocalypso In The Bahamas! for occasional play. I also have a game of Heroes of Might and Magic II for some quick turn based fantasy goodness.

I’m an old school wannabe. I just got an Atari 800 Emulator and downloaded the game I asked about in previous thread.

Ultima 8 got a bad rep for no reason. It was a little buggy, but so was Ultima 7. I played it all the way through on a machine which ran below min spec, and enjoyed most of it.

There’s a project underway to make a windows ultima 8 engine, (it’s linked from exult, but I can’t remember the relationship, but I think it’s not much), and I look forward to seeing it happen. I’d love if they’d fix bugs while they were at it.

It was a decent game, but its predecessor was light years better. That’s why it got the bad reputation.

Well, yes, but that’s the fate of all sequels to great games. But unlike some, Ultima 8 didn’t really deserve it. The world was as detailed and complex as ultima 7’s was, it’s just that the game had an entirely different tone.

Ultima 8 was absolutely horrible in its released state. Jumping puzzles galore, bugs, you name it. It was later patched (IIRC removing most of the jumping puzzles), but this was pre-Internet so most people didn’t get it.

Later compilations had the patched version, but those of us who played the original still harbor TEH ANGER.

Then later, of course, there was Ultima 9, which taught us how we should have really appreciated Ultima 8.

Ultima Online could have been named “Ultima 7 Online” and been accurate, despite being released after Ultima 8. Sure, it was probably due to a longer dev cycle, but U7 still had the better interface in my opinion.

Well, yes, but that’s the fate of all sequels to great games. But unlike some, Ultima 8 didn’t really deserve it. The world was as detailed and complex as ultima 7’s was, it’s just that the game had an entirely different tone.[/quote]
Can’t say that I agree with you on the point that U8’s world was as detailed and complex as 7’s.

If anything, Pagan was an intriguing place, it just didn’t have enough meat to it compared to U7.

I played through over half the game before acquiring the patch through the new fandangled internet. The jumping puzzles sucked, yeah, but overall the game world was still really interesting.

Ultima 6 and the worlds of ultima titles work great under PocketDOS btw, if you get this retro urge on the go and have a pocketpc.

The worlds of ultima titles are so damned good. I wish ther ewas enough comemrcial interest for a DS collection of both of those + ultima 6 and then like, a remake of ultima7 (smoother animation is all it’d need IMO) for DS. They are sweet as portable games for some reason.