RIP Alan Parker

Fane, Midnight Express, Birdy. Lots of great movies, but for me nothing tops The Commitments.

Mississippi Burning, which also got a cameo in The Commitments.

Oh man. That sucks.

One thing you could always expect from a prime Alan Parker movie: he’d never flinch and was always gleefully willing to go overboard if needed. Like Angel Heart (where it works beautifully.)

Oh man, I LOVE The Commitments. RIP sir.

Me, distraught: “ALAN PARKERRR!

Alan Parker, standing right below me: “What?”

I’m gonna be honest, I originally read this thread title as “RIP Alan Partridge” and was MONUMENTALLY confused.

RIP. A director able to handle a considerable range of material.

He once said he wanted to make a movie in every conceivable genre before his career ended. I think he got a lot of them, maybe missing out on sci fi.

I watch Pink Floyd The Wall on the regular, like, at least once a month.

The man left behind a beautiful body of work. RIP.

Spammers making a bit of a push lately, it seems.

This one was able to quote a sentence from a wiki page!

Yeah. I wonder if it’s the "RIP"s that are attracting them.