RIP Bill Russell

Sad news. What a career. An all time Mount Rushmore great in the NBA, and equally as a leader of the civil rights movement. RIP.

At one time, Bill Russell, Frank Robinson, and Curt Flood all played sports at the same high school in Oakland, California.

Obama has impeccable timing.
“In jr. high, Bill Russell was cut from his basketball team, (pause). He got better after that.”

Probably the best defensive center of all time.

Rip man. Damn. Him and Nichelle Nichols in the same day. Earth sucks.

An icon. Never saw him play, but I feel like I didn’t need to. Nothing but respect for the guy.

For all the ills of social media, there are times we should be really thankful for its existence.

Unless you listen to Padre’s radio very little chance you hear this delightful story, pre-social media.

Wow, what a great story there. It is nice to be reminded, even if the circumstances aren’t the happiest, that some folks who are tremendously famous are also tremendous people.