I dunno if y’all know about Evolve, but it was an amazing virtual LAN service we used to play old games that only supported LAN or older service like Gamespy. We used it for all sorts of games, from Starfleet Command II to X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and everything in between. I supported them with my dollars each month to get a static IP for us to use. It was great.

Sadly, unceremoniously, they announced today that they were shutting down. Today.

I am honestly super duper crushed by this. GameRanger isn’t bad for games that support it, though their video ads are annoying, but Tunngle feels like a giant spyware installation. Hamachi is decent but nooooot super user friendly…sadly that’s likely what we’ll end up going with regardless as a replacement.

So yeah, just super sad, and wanted to share. Thanks y’all.

OMG it’s back!!!

I wonder who the benefactor was. That’s great news!

Right? I am so God damned happy.

Couldn’t you use ZeroTier?

What’s that?

Sort of like Hamachi. Connect remote machines as if they were all on LAN. Free up to ten.

But Evolve is free up until whatever…

Oh I see. But are they going to go down again without a way to monetize?

They do have paid thingies that add features such as static IPs and the like that I do pay into.