RIP Geoff Emerick, the king of studio engineers

If Emerick’s name sounds familiar, he was the partner in crime to George Martin at Abbey Road (where Emerick was the house engineer) for the latter portion of the Beatles career.

After the Beatles, Emerick recorded pretty much everyone, getting producer, mixing, and engineering credits. His list of credits on Allmusic is ridiculous:

72 years old. Seems far too young.

A REAL innovator. RIP.

The teenager who shaped the Beatles

Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick remembers

Pretty good argument to be made that Geoff Emerick is the guy who made rock and roll in the modern era sound like what it ended up sounding like.

I’m with you man. Very few people can lay claim to doing so many things for the first time.

He was Nineteen, man. Nineteen.

Nothing to say but RIP. Thanks for the sounds Geoff.