RIP James Caan???

Maybe, maybe not.

So yesterday it was a hoax but then he died anyway? Am I getting that right?

I think it’s real.

Man, James Caan was so cool.

End of Tweet

Not a great movie by any means, but I always loved James Caan’s role in The Way of the Gun.

His guest spot on NewsRadio was a highlight for me.

I just watched Thief for the first time a week or two ago, and he was outstanding in it.

All the news sites are running with it.

Man, he was great in a bunch of great movies!

Ya, that was a great episode:

They said James was an accomplished snorkeler as well as a famous actor. It’s always a shame when another Corleone dies.

The WaPo obituary reminded me that he was in Bottle Rocket as the crook who might serve as a criminal mentor for Owen and Luke Wilson. If it wasn’t for Caan and Polly Platt (edit: oh, and James Brooks!), could Wes Anderson ever have gotten his shot?

Man now I miss Phil Hartman.

I love this movie. I agree it isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination (or by stretching of the defintion of the word “great”), but it’s sort of stylish and cool in its own way. And his veteran crook who is far more cunning than anyone realizes (excepting his employer) is really terrific.

Yeah his Joe Sorno character has always stuck with me. That moment when he shakes Del Toro’s hand after offering him an easy out is amazing.

“Until that day”.

Honeymoon in Vegas w. Nic Cage is awesome

I always feel bad that some people were only introduced to the remake of Rollerball, which was fucking terrible.

The original Rollerball, with James Caan, was an awesome movie.

Will Harris linked to one of his classic Random Roles interviews, and the one he did with Caan is a hoot and a half. Sometimes James is more than game to talk about movies he did, sharing great stories, but sometimes…


Aawwww man I loved Alien Nation. Probably the first thing I ever saw him in.

They showed a VHS of this in my High School. The 80s were weird like this.