RIP Ken Ober

Ken Ober, who hosted MTV’s Remote Control, passed away over the weekend. He was only 52. There’s not an official cause of death, but friends of his posting to Facebook mentioned a heart attack.

I first read it on Lizz Winstead’s Facebook status update, but it was a long time before people were sure it wasn’t a hoax.

More recently, Ober had been involved with Mind of Mencia (don’t hold that against him) and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

I remember him being a funny guy. Remote Control was one of my favorite shows when it was on.

I loved Remote Control and Ken. With hot Karri Wuhrer and funny Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn. I will always remember that show as one the best parts of MtV…when it was good.

Damn, that sucks. Just another reason why this year can’t end soon enough. My whole family loved Remote Control back in the day, good times. RIP Ken.

Oh no! His show was great (although it did make Adam Sandler famous).

Let’s not forget Marisol, who was the chick before they hired Kari.

Wait, Kari Wuher from Sliders–Tanya from Red Alert 2–was on Remote Control? Why do I not remember this?

So sad. I loooved Remote Control.

Best category: “Dead or Canadian”. They showed a celebrity’s name, and the question was simple: dead, or Canadian?

As far as I know they never displayed a dead Canadian’s name. That would have blown my mind.

OMG how could you forget! She wore half shirts practically every episode. ;)
I remember when she left the show, I was devastated. Her follow up was Alicia Coppola who was also easy on the eyes but she was no Kari.

And don’t forget Denis Leary was there as well. Great show, super loose with a crazy college crowd. MTV had great energy back then.



On the one hand, Remote Control was great. On the other, it was the greatness of that that led to MTV giving up on cool music videos.

RIP, Ken.

Ken was hilarious, and Remote Control was awesome. I wonder what ever happened to Marisol? Kari was the perfect replacement though. In addition to Sandler and Leary, the show helped launch the careers of Colin Quinn (writer/comedian) and Joe Davola (who went on to produce One Tree Hill and Smallville among others).

All the recent pictures of Ken in the news blurbs today are terrible. I don’t know if he just took bad photos or of he really looked that unhealthy all the time.