RIP Madelyn Dunham

The office manager here just said, “I bet they kept her on ice just to trot her out close to the election” and mentioned that politicians will do anything to get elected.

She doesn’t strike me as a coarse human being but maybe I should just stop all non-work related communications now, just in case.

For a number of reasons this strikes really close to home for me.

It makes me terribly sad that she couldn’t live long enough to see him win the election. But you’ve got to know she tried as hard as she could.

My great grandmother fell and broke her hip at when she was 88. She died a month later of lymphoma (cancer). I would assume that Madelyn Dunham’s death was similar.

Some moderator had to go through that thread and remove the 40-50% of comments that explicitly accused Obama of murdering his grandmother.

So, yeah, fuck the other half, too.

Very sad that she didn’t get to see Barack win. She raised him right.

How sad.

Man, the thought processes which lead to such silly statements just to back your ideology are fascinating. And saddening. There’s no evidence at all for such a claim, it’s just truthiness. I hate to Godwin this up, but it’s the kind of logic the Nazis used about the Jews, and it’s just as ugly IMHO.

Fool me once, shame on you


Good thing they locked up the pitty votes!