Rise Of Legends Sound Problems

For some reason the actual sound effects in the game sometimes get really really quiet.

It doesn’t happen all the time, and I have no idea why it happens. Even quitting out of the game and coming back in doesn’t help.

I tried adjusting the audio sliders, and it doesn’t help either.

Anyone else having this problem?


P4 3.4
2 gig ram
Radeon x1800 256
Audigy 2


I had really quiet sound effects, but was able to twiddle the sliders to make things sane again. No problems since then. (Although I haven’t had much chance to play, what with my current week-o-meetings at work and assorted other things eating away at personal time.)

With me, the sounds were fine for the first hour, then I noticed they were really quiet. No messing with the sliders helped, nor restarting the game from Windows.

I went to play it last night, and the sounds were fine again. Tried it this morning and the sounds were really quiet.

This is only the sound effects, the music and voice are fine.

I’m having the exact same issue.

2 Gig Ram
Radeon X1900

Finally got to play it at a friend’s house(damn I have to pick this game up soon) and I also noticed that the sound effects seemed to cut out completely sometimes for some units. The first one to come to mind are the musket toting soldiers. They’d be firing off some volleys and all was well and then nothing even though you could plainly see they were still attacking.

I had the same issue last night. I was playing along and noticed that none of the units appeared to be making any noise. If I turned the music all the way down, I could hear that they were just really, really quiet. Sounds like a bug to me. I was able to get the sounds back by quitting out and restarting the game.

I don’t have a noticeable sound problem, but the game complains about my out of date sound drivers every time I launch the game despite the fact that I have the latest drivers available.

Same here, Charles.

If i update my sound card drivers (which are only about a year old) i lose Teamspeak.

Rise of Legends is the only game that has any kind of problem with my sound card drivers. It’s as if, instead of ensure the game is compatible, they just created a disable script if it failed to detect the “latest” drivers - whatever the headaches and problems associated with those drivers may be.

Please add an INI command line where we can enable hardware sound “at our own risk”.

I run into the same problem, but only on the campaign, not on skirmish or multiplayer.

Musketeers muffled, in campaigh. I’ve played without music, and it hasn’t
happened yet.

Audigy 2, but kX opensource drivers. Not a trace of Creative’s own.
I’m not getting any warnings, either, and I check that I’m up to date like
OCD is going out of style.

Recently my sound has started cutting out in the campaign. It usually happens during the cutscenes and I’ll have to save my game, exit the game, and restart to get it back.

Same here now - some sentences are not voiced. Plus the campaign has
rewarded me with the desktop after finishing the last goal in several scenarios :(

OH, that sucks…