Rising Sun PBF

You are correct (in the first statement, at least :) ).

@Mike_Cathcart, Fox is up next.


I’ll also stay put.

@ironwulf is next.


I will pay 1 coin and put a Stronghold in Shikoku
A lone bushi will brave the stormy waters to cross the path & set up lodging within my new Shikoku stronghold.

@Thraeg is up next


I’ll move two bushi to Oshu.

Note that the Koi BB in Oshu now makes the Dragonfly Oni of Skulls become Force 3, as Dragonfly is now the lowest Honor Clan in Oshu.

@Juan_Raigada, Lotus, the move is yours.

Damyo and Dragon to Kansai


Over to @Ex-SWoo


Interesting - the map is quite different now than before. Instead of Oshu I will build a stronghold in Edo and move 1 bushi there.

I think @RothdaTheTruculent chooses next after resolving.

Indeed. Why I love this game so much; there are relatively few moves and decisions, so they all have such weight.

We now enter the first Kami phase. Since we are using Kami Unbound, the Kami not only provide their best worshippers an advantage every Kami phase, but they also incarnate into physical forms and appear on the map. Those forms do not fight directly, but provide effects for the battle phase in the province they are in. There are three Kami phases per season at which benefits are awarded and the Kami can move, but the Kami themselves can change allegiance at any time. Usually this happens when clans have the same number of Shinto in a shrine (like Turtle and Fox in Hachiman right now), but their Honor changes. This can provide some unpleasant and fun surprises during War…

Kami Spring 1
Turtle gains 2 Ronin
Turtle brings Hachiman to ???
Lotus gains top Honor
Lotus brings Amaterasu to ???
Koi gains 2 coin
Koi brings Tsukuyomi to ???

@Ex-SWoo, @Juan_Raigada, @Thraeg all have to decide in which Province they wish to move the Kami. Properly that should be done in that order, but if you don’t care you can announce them in any order.

Following that will be Dragonfly @RothdaTheTruculent mandate choice. Since he has no Kami to place, I will send the mandate choices now as well. But don’t make your choice yet, Dragonfly, until the Kami have manifested. And of course, leave as much time for diplomacy as you like.

Interesting - never played with this before.


I’ll place the Kami in Edo

I’ll put Tsukuyomi in Edo

Map update.

@Juan_Raigada for where Amaterasu goes, and then @RothdaTheTruculent for Dragonfly’s mandate choice.

Everyone else feel free to suggest moves to Dragonfly…

I’m just going to spoil things right now, there is not a lot in these mandates that will be exciting for other people. We’ve got a ton of Harvest, one Recruitment, a little bit of Betrayal.

My proposal to Fox/@Mike_Cathcart:
I will Harvest this mandate, you will Recruit on your mandate. The Harvest benefits me a lot more than you, so to even things out I will send you three of my coins from this Harvest (one after the Harvest, the other 2 after the Recruit). When you Recruit, it seems likely to be the last Recruitment of this Season, which means we will have final placements on the shrines and will likely score from them on the last 2 Kami phases. Sound good?

Amateratsu to Kansas


Next Mandate is Dragonfly’s, negotiating with Fox. @RothdaTheTruculent and @Mike_Cathcart, though others can certainly chime in.

Sorry, @RothdaTheTruculent, but that’s a terrible deal for me. Harvest gets me nothing and I very likely need train a lot more than I need recruit.


Sorry, just to be clear, there is no Train option. I have 2 Harvests, 1 Recruit, and 1 Betray. You might draw the Train mandate as the replacement for the option I pick, but even then you only have ~20% odds.

I was actually thinking about this last night, and I think the proper way to approach this is in terms of relative advantage. E.g. when picking a Mandate, the question isn’t “How much will this benefit me?” so much as “How much more will this benefit me than everyone else?” So the Train Mandate is excellent in terms of how much it benefits the picking player, but it is also excellent for everyone else in the game. All that the picking player gets is the first choice, and their ally doesn’t even get that.

If we Harvest on the other hand, like I said I would be sharing 3 of the 6 extra coins I get with you. So you would get a total of 4 coins, I would get 4 coins and my Ronin, while every non-allied player would get a measly 1 coin. I don’t think it’s that bad of an option.

Another option I was considering was actually the double Harvest, where I will split the proceeds of the Harvest completely down the middle with you. E.g. you would get 3 extra coins and 1 Ronin from each Harvest. The only reason I don’t like that option is that if we don’t recruit it leaves everyone else in control of the Kami for the next 2 go rounds.


I understood that. I wasn’t asking you to pick train, just saying that on my turn I really don’t want to recruit and, if the option was there, I’d rather train.

The best I can do is agree to choose recruit if train doesn’t come up.

Fox , this is one of those situations where you just agree and ignore it later :)