Robert Scoble Shows why it is important to always listen to your lawyers

P&R Seemed like the best place for this.

Words are failing me.

Well that’s a hell of a thing.

I’ve never heard of this guy. Got to love his definition of sexual harassment and its apparent requirements. His wife is still married to him??

She is going to clean up in the divorce after that post.

Scoble is some tech dude who got famous for… I have no idea why. He did some stupid thing where he wore Google Glasses in the shower and that pretty much sealed him as a creep for me.

Didn’t he have some big podcasts or some such back in the day? I recall first hearing about him ages ago when Digg was still a thing that mattered.

Holy crap. He really should’ve taken his lawyers’ advice.

Tech blogger, originally.

Obligatory Popehat:

Yeah just read wikipedia if you need background

Still, WTF with all the “online flirting”? Who does this? Why would you mix work and sex in this highly dangerous and inadvisable manner? Let’s start with that bit of terrible decision making.

I mean, if you are married and want to get your freak on … online … that’s fine but don’t do it with anyone remotely connected to your work. Jesus.

The impression I’m getting these days is that this kinda thing is astoundingly common.

For instance, in the music journalism world, a fairly notable music critic who rose to fame as an early Pitchfork author and went on to a moderately influential career as a perennial sidelines heckler/professional naysayer is infamous in those circles for “slipping into DMs” with just about every pretty-faced early 20-something who enters the field and has apparently enjoyed some fun affairs in that process. He’s not exactly the only one in music by a long shot, and he’s, at the end of the day, an aging and increasingly sidelined presence in a huge industry. All of this I know because of some very trustworthy secondhand evidence, by which I mean screenshots of the DMs to my girlfriend :)

Of course in the midst of the whole GG thing and ensuing nonsense, you find out about a lot of unsavory mucking about in the games journalism and development industry, which is just about the least sexy thing I can possibly imagine.

Wherever people manage to amass some small amount of power or fame, they will leverage it to get ass, because people are fucking gross, man.

I feel like I have apparently been doing online fame wrong all this time.

Yeah. My comment was more that he was one of those success stories where even going back and re-reading about how he got going, I still went,“Ok, he got famous how?” He did some stuff at Microsoft and Rackspace, yet somehow he still managed to get attention. He almost felt a little like the Truman Show.

I think he follows me on Twitter, actually. He follows damn near everyone and I can’t think of a single interaction I’ve had with him.

Totally. I mean, Discourse is nice and all, but obviously something’s been missing ;)

Hey baby let’s take this to DMs 😉

TIL DMs = “Dick Maneuvers.”

The thing that amazes me, is this post is the level of stupidity you see some character in a low-budget crime show do. Because ignoring the advice from your lawyer is always a winning move.

Ok, maybe not always. But 99/100 times when a lawyer not named Oscar Acosta when you are drunk in Vegas is a good idea to follow. Especially if he mentions: you are setting yourself up for some serious litigation here.

I mean, maybe his divorce and civil attorney can enter some version of an insanity plea. “Please, jury, don’t take everything my client has. He is clearly not a well man.”

I thought it was this:

or this:

Hahhaahhahqh oh no hahaha