ROCK BAND - worst story ever

I wanted to share this story because it’s so awesome and so awful all at the same time. Even though this story is funny I feel bad for these guys so the names have been omitted to protect the innocent:

Editorial team of UNNAMED GAMES MAGAZINE/WEBSITE has been playing Rock Band pretty intensely lately, gotten pretty good at it. Decided to achieve the ultimate Rock Band feat by playing through the entire 58-track setlist in one marathon play session. To get some kind of uber reward at the end of the game you have to do this in one session - you can’t save the game, but you can pause it.

Anyway, team rocks through 57 songs fueled by pizza and tequila. Prepares to conquer the final song, but before doing so decides to rush around the office gathering up as many people as they can to witness them completing the final song and achieving ultimate awesomess. They pause the game prior to the beginning of the 58th song to facilitate this.

Having gathered a large audience from all over the building and set up a video camera to record this historic event, UNNAMED BAND MEMBER picks up the controller to unpause the game and begin the final song - but accidentally selects the wrong option and QUITS BACK TO THE MAIN MENU. No save-game, no salvation - they have to do it all over again.

Apparently the video of this tragic realization is priceless. Let’s hope it emerges sooner rather than later. And while I do feel bad for them, there is a happy ending as apparently the team decided to stay late and do all 58 songs over again and get the reward. Now that’s rock and roll, baby!

(And no, the reward at the end apparently was not worth the effort.)

My god, how long did it take to go through all 57 songs the first time?

I dunno, do the math - 57 songs, average 4 minutes per song, plus breaks. 4-5 hours?

My fingers feel cramped just reading about it!

I so want to do that.

Awesome story. Gary, I’m sure they don’t hold it against you that you pushed the wrong button!

That sucks.

Wait, there was no quit game confirmation message: "Are you sure you want to quit: Yes/No?

I would totally be that guy.