it’s only $80 for the game + USB adapter, no need to drop $200 if you have a “random guitar” already.

We are pretty sure that the USB adapter that comes with the 360 / PS3 versions will be the same one that will work on the PC right?

Yes, it’s the same hardware for all 3 platforms. But I don’t know if it’ll be possible to buy the game without one. Also sounds like they will sell the adapter separately for co-op play.

Hmmm I would like to pick it up for the PC and 360 but if they don’t plan on just selling the game (I can see why) then I will just wait for the PC version and possibly pick up the 360 version used at some later date.

That would be surprising, because microsoft puts their proprietary shit in all their controllers.

It’s strictly a USB to Instrument plug adapter. Nothing fancy or wireless.

Anyone pick this up today? I’m trying to hold off for the PC version.

Amazon didn’t do release date shipping so mine won’t be here until tomorrow.

Yeah I did amazon too. I should have done Gamestop. Could have used the $25 off a guitar at guitar center coupon.

The bundled guitar is IMHO a very good deal for what you get. I looked at the $25 coupon and buying another guitar, but unless you buy used (it’s unclear if that coupon even works on used guitars at Guitar Center) you actually IMHO do better with the bundle.

$199 – $79 for the game + USB adapter, so $120 for the Les Paul Junior special. It’s a friggin nice guitar, too, based on my bit of hands-on time with it at Ubisoft.


Having just bought a used guitar last weekend at GC - coupons never apply to used stuff.

I sold my Squier on eBay for $250 and am now officially in the ‘real guitar’ camp. Got a Schecter Hellraiser Tempest for $350.

Joystiq gives it a “Drop D-minus”.

I agree the UI for the game is absolutely terrible, it’s my #1 complaint, but that review seems unduly harsh.

The thing that got me, and is going to keep me from getting this, was the auto-difficulty feature. What a hideous, game-killing design decision. It’s like the game designers thought Oblivion’s monster levelling was a good idea :\

Some site called “Playstation Universe” calls it “the best music game to date”. As usual, my Amazon “release date delivery” won’t have it here until tomorrow, so I guess I’ll see then.

The reviewer seems to be a bit of a guitar snob with his mentions of needing to learn to tune and music theory.

Here is another review from Wired. He gives it a 9/10 and has some more detail:

I can see the auto-difficulty being a good feature but it would be nice if you could turn it off and force it to a difficulty too.

As someone who is already learning guitar theory and everything the “right” way according to Mr. Guitar Snob, I’m still really interested in Rocksmith. Seems like it’d be a great motivational tool to keep practicing and working on the physical part of building up muscles, developing speed, etc.

I picked this up yesterday and noodled around with it for about an hour. I have an electric guitar that had been collecting dust which I know absolutely zero about how to play, but have been wanting to try learning again.

I haven’t really read any reviews, but the UI is cumbersome… getting around in the game is unwieldy. When playing the actual songs, it took me a couple minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do… it wasn’t terribly intuitive, and what there was in way of explanation wasn’t too great… perhaps this was harder for me because I know nothing about playing guitar.

Having said that, once I figured it out, it was pretty good, but not great.

A couple things I didn’t like:

I’m not really enamored with the song list, and some of the songs I have flat out never heard before. This made playing them a lot harder. When learning as I am, I need to look at my hands a lot. If I know the song, I know what notes I am going to be playing, so I can look at what I am doing more. Since I don’t know the song, I have to constantly be looking back and forth.

After a bit, I had a hard time getting it to register one of my strings… the others were fine, but one in particular (the yellow one… I don’t know what it’s actually called) seemed to not register when I played it a fair bit. This wasn’t a problem at first, but the more I played, the more of a problem it was… even in the tuning screen… it simply show the string vibrating when I played it… The sound came out fine… it just didn’t seem like the game was accepting it or something. Sorry if this isn’t clear. It was a real problem as I went along because the only notes it was sending me were red and yellow and the yellows were missing about 50% of the time due to just not being picked up.

A couple good things:

I had a lot of fun actually playing. It was very rewarding to play along and at the end of my hour, I felt I was doing much better than at the beginning.

I like the auto difficulty feature. When I was in a good groove, it would throw me some more notes… when I started failing on those notes, it would ease off of them. Someone above said that was a dealbreaker for them, but it was great for me. Really great. I am not trying to beat some high score or difficulty level. I am just trying to learn to play my guitar and have fun. The auto-difficulty was great for that.

Ultimately, I’m glad I got it. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to learn to play my guitar, but have felt helpless on how to do it. I don’t know that I have the time (or patience) for lessons. Youtube helped a bit before, but ultimately didn’t take. I’m hoping this will be a fun way to get back into trying.

obligatory whitta pic


Don’t know if anybody else is waiting for Amazon but they still haven’t shipped mine and now the page says it won’t be in stock until 10/25. I’ll probably cancel and get it from Best Buy or Gamestop.

That’s pretty cool. Hadn’t heard of that in any other review.