Romero Sans Zombies

So George Romero actually directed 10 movies outside of the … of the Dead series that have nothing to do with reanimated corpses. Some were interesting, if flawed (Knightriders). others obscure (There’s Always Vanilla) and some outright dreck (Monkey Shines).

Let’s discuss our favorites.

For me, the best of the lot has always been Martin, about a serial killer who may or may not be a vampire. True, he has no fangs (he uses a razor blade to slice into his victims jugular) and doesn’t wear a cape, but he is allergic to garlic and his grandfather refers to him as Nosferatu. Plus he regularly calls into a radio talk show where he goes by The Count.

(No, not him)

Anyway, it’s very good understated horror with a great ironic ending. Check it out some time.

I saw your post a little earlier but decided to pass it by because, I’ll be honest, I don’t think much of Romero’s non-zombie stuff. I feel like he really found his muse with those formerly-deceased flesh eaters - heck, I even like Land of the Dead. Not so much Diary of the Dead, and I haven’t seen the one he made after that.

But it would be a bummer to not participate in a thread dedicated to someone I consider a master of the form, so - I guess The Crazies is pretty entertaining, even if it’s not exactly thematically distant from the Living Dead movies. And I kinda have a place in my heart for Knightriders, goofy as it is. And I think he directed that part of the Tales from the Crypt movie where Stephen King pokes the meteor full of goo, that was entertaining. “Meteor shit!”

Oh man, Knightriders. What a weird little movie. It came on randomly one time when I was hanging out at my buddy’s. First scene: “…is that Stephen King?” Indeed it was.

Creepshow, and he directed the whole thing.

Man that cover art though! 80’s me really thought I was about to watch the most awesome mix of Swords, Sorcery and CC’s but boy was I disappointed. Teenage me rewatched and kind of dug it. Super weird but hard to turn off once it’s going. Adult me should rewatch it again.

We should maybe have a thread for old 70s and 80s VHS cover art, I don’t know how many times I felt let down by a movie after picking up a tape with amazing cover art.

Hell yeah. The thread for 1990 The Bronx Warriors had me looking up the poster/box and


Also I don’t think this Over the Top poster is period? But goddamnit it should be.


Hmm How did I miss Bronx Warriors? Love the idea of 80’s cover art thread. Soo many good ones.

LOL at Over the Top! Says nothing about arm wrestling at all! Looks like Stallone is some sort of Truck Driver on a mission of Vengence to Save Freedoom!!!. Still a guilty pleasure even if it was really about reconnecting with his son with an absurd Arm Wrestling championship background. The cover looks like somebody got AI to make it with keywords: 80’s, Stallone, Truck Driver, America is awesome. The different fonts are killing me. Somebody start that thread! :)

Monkey Shines did inspire one of the best episodes of HDTGM.

This is the absolute horror this phrase unleased, and I can’t stop cringe/laughing.

HOLY SHIT! How many arms is that? Is the middle dude wearing a confederate cap? What did it do to Lita Ford’s face? I’m laughing while having a nightmare all at once. Ok so now we need to do a thread comparing real 80’s movie posters, define keywords for them and compare it to an AI one.

Sheeeet. Look at the glory of this poster: