RON problem

Has anyone else had problems with the single player game? I was playing the tutorial and the game just dropped. No beep no sound just back at the desktop like I had never even started the program. Any ideas?

I’ve had that playing the campaign. It usually happens right after I make my first move.


I hadn’t had any problems at all … until this morning, when my machine suddenly rebooted in the middle of a battle. :(


Are you guys absolutely, positively sure your systems are fundamentally stable?

I only ask because the last time something like this came up-- maybe a week ago-- I provided a link to the stability tester. If you can’t run that overnight (say, 8 hours) without problems, your system isn’t stable, eg, you have a hardware or heat problem of some kind.

Prime95 torture test is also good for this.

Yeah, what he said. I still feel embarassed about all those XWA lockups that were heat, not game, related.

Yes. I am still am unable to really play RoN. I have problems with a conflict with the driver for my PPPoE DSL connection that prevents me from playing multiplayer and I have the crash during the CtW campaign (after the first battle) bug. Brian Reynolds acknowledged these porblems in a earlier thread and said they were working on a patch that I am waiting for with increasing impatience… I have seen these problems discussed on other boards as well so it is not just our systems. (I would expect most people on this board to have the technical competance to have fairly stable systems.) I am sure it’s a great game, just hope I get to play it some day.

um, any word on the patch? (question tossed to the void…)

Ron (my name as opposed to the game… :wink: )

I don’t want to brag but I do own a falcon mach v. they don’t get much more stable and no I don’t think it is my computer

The latest patch was released this weekend and is now available.