Round 1: Call of Duty vs. Final Fantasy XI

Call of Duty
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 10/29

Final Fantasy XI
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 10/28



I was so looking for this on the internet. I just couldn’t find one that I could link to.

Brian: A request: can you please add a third “didn’t play it” option to future polls? I don’t want to vote in polls where I didn’t play the games involved (like this one), but I would like to follow the results. Unfortunately, you can’t see the results if you don’t vote.

Click “View Results” below the “Submit Vote” button.

Heh… never mind. I = dumbass.

YES KARA-TEEKAH (as we pronounced it) BABY!


but then you have to click “view results” EVERY TIME you come to the thread. don’t make life so hard on the guy, come on.

Yay Last Ninja!

It’s nice to see this thread evolve where not one post has anything to do with either FFXI or Call of Duty. :D

Call of Duty moves on, 64-27.