RPG Suggestions for 9-Year Old Boy?

Yes, another gift suggestion thread. 'Tis the season.

I accidentally introduced my youngest brother to WOW and he lovedit. I can’t get him that for a variety of reasons, but I want to get him something similar for Christmas and I’d like some suggestions.

Little Brother: Hyperactive weaponry aficionado with below average reading skills.

Platforms: Gamecube, DS, PC

Restrictions: Parents are conservative, so nothing that can be be interpreted as encouraging devil worship. IE, NO DIABLO. :(

Also, he’s 9. No graphic violence or adult content.

He’s played Zelda.

I’m worried that I’m searching for nonexistent game, a very simple, half-way decent RPG with swords and monsters and minimal dialogue…but I figured if such a game exists, surely someone here knows where I can find it.


My 7 year old has been playing Fate recently as well and likes it. He liked Titan Quest quite a bit as well but that might be too graphic for you tastes.

Cute knight?


Tales of Symphonia (might be a bit too hardcore)

The Final Fantasy III remake for DS


My Pokemans, let me show you them?

Gamecube: Paper Mario

DS: Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

What, no one’s recommended Paper Mario yet? It’s only 10 bucks now.

EDIT: beaten by the SpoofyChop!

Pokemon, any of the Mario & Luigi RPG’s, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, Fire Emblem.

pokemon or rocket slime

Paper Mario, seconded. And Pokemon.

Planescape: Torment.

Final Fantasy 6, available on GBA, is a great one.

Mario and Luigi, brothers in time is good for the Gameboy.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is great. Rocket Slime is great fun as well. (All for the DS)

Animal Crossing!

Thanks guys, some good suggestions here. Fate in particular looks exactly like what I was looking for, but I’m not sure how to gift wrap a game that has to be downloaded. :)

Rocket Slime looks good too, but how hard are the puzzles?

Mass Effect, duh.

If he has trouble reading, he should probably be exposed to more reading material (near his level of comprehension), not less.

Unfortunately I can’t provide any specific advice for that.

FATE has a retail version:

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a first rate suggestion. I was going to say Chrono Trigger, but the only way he could play that on the platforms he has would be through emulation on the PC.