Rts: World in Conflict OR Company of Heroes

Which one? I have only played the demos of both…and I seem to like both. the MP in WiC is amazing…but I, truthfully, didn’t spend too much time with CoH.

Which one would you guys think is better?



They’re almost apples and oranges, Chris. World in Conflict is a team-based game, whereas Company of Heroes is more of a traditional RTS. They’re both very good at very different things.

However, given that only one of them is out, I suspect you’re going to get very skewed replies. :)


CoH is, overall, the better made game. More attention to detail, better balance, more strategic–and all of those things are hard to do. WiC, on the other hand, is much faster-paced with better effects (by virtue of coming out a year plus later).

My official position, however, is that you should play both.

I played both the closed and open beta for WiC, both were multiplayer only. I’ve also played Company of Heroes (both SP and MP) and am currently playing the CoH: Opposing Fronts multiplayer beta. Right now I definitely prefer Company of Heroes but I have no idea about the single player component of WiC. The setting is certainly awesome, as are their pre-release trailers. Why not buy both? They’re certainly different enough and I’m guessing you can get CoH for peanuts now.

I haven’t played World in Conflict, but if it’s a serious challenger to Company of Heroes I’ll be very impressed. Company of Heroes, however, is good enough that you should get it either way.

World in Conflict has a far superior interface and is much more satisfying when executing your strategy. It has none of the clickity-click nonsense of CoH or murky hard counters. I much prefer WiC.

Like Tom said, the games are very different. They’re not really even the same genre. CoH is more or less a traditional RTS with lots of improvements. WiC plays more like Day of Defeat or UT, except you move and attack with units instead of point and shoot with a gun. I also haven’t played WiC’s single player, only the multiplayer.

Both are fantastic games, but very different experiences. I think everybody should play WiC multiplayer, but if you’re a fan of the genre you shouldn’t miss out on CoH either.

Up next: Should I play Quake Wars or BioShock? :)


Unicorn has the right answer. You don’t want to miss Company of Heroes under any circumstances if you like RTS. You can probably get it for 20 bucks somewhere.

But when World in Conflict comes out next week, get it, too.

If you must get only one, get World in Conflict since it will be the Qt3 RTS That Everyone Plays For Two Weeks. And you can join us.


I, actually…would be able to get CoH for about 27 bucks (I get a 10% discount from Wally-World since I work there).

i REALLY enjoyed WiC, though. Just downloaded the demo again of CoH via steam…will try it again. I was looking to just buying one of them, hence, which one would be “better”.


I decided to wait on Company of Heroes…maybe the price will go down even more…or there will be a package bundled with the expansion.

Now…does anyone know if World in Conflict will be on Steam or maybe even GamersGate? I have it pre-ordered through ebgames.com, but would rather get it through Steam if at all possible…


I got CoH with my graphics card. I already sorta had it through a game rental service,
but the multi-gigabyte files it kept adding each patch gave me horrendous loading times.

Having played CoH full-version both single-player and online (no good at either!), and the
demo of WiC, I have to say they’re barely in the same larger category. They’re wargames.
You like wargames? Both would look nice installed on your computer. One is really, really cheap.

If Steam carries WiC, I’m definitely getting it. Who needs a box? The price goes up 60%
for us over here with a boxed copy…

I’d strongly, strongly advise getting both. They are very different games. It’s a bit like asking whether you should get - say - Thief or Halo, to choose two games which share a vague genre but differ enormously in approach.

Company of Heroes is, I’d imagine, cheap by now though.


well, for right now, I am getting World in Conflict, due quite a bit to the free overnight shipping from ebgames.com

BUT…I will be picking up CoH too. I have played the demo a bit, and it really is a good game…

Dawn of War.

Venerate the Immortal Emperor!



Thief. If you have enough money for two games, get Thief twice.

I’d agree, purchased the original COH this weekend and very impressed with the campaign so far - not quite sure why I didn’t buy this one first time round.

WIC in team play terms plays very differently - much more FPS style of gameplay - very limited amount of units to control (unless you are infantry) and very clear limitations of those units. I love it and can’t wait for release.