Ruin a game with just one letter

Phoenix Wright: Ape Attorney

Giftbreaker (every Christmas Morning as younger siblings demolish the older siblings toys, games, comics…)

Welder Scrolls…

Alder Scrolls…

Elders’ Trolls…

Alan Woke



Oxygen NFT Included

Even I can’t bring myself to post the one for Hunt: Showdown. But my misogynistic mind still thought it…



Cunt. You were going to say Cunt.

Ok, true story: Years ago, I was talking to my then wife about something that upset me and my lips started to form a word when I realized my 4 year old daughter was in the room. As I looked in her direction with the “ffffff” still on my lips, she says, “Fuck, daddy. You were going to say, fuck”.

Ha! The number of times in similar situations I’ve parlayed an accidental ‘fuck’ into ‘fer crying out loud’…

A female friend years ago was stuck in traffic with her 4-year old daughter in the car seat in the back, and the little kid leans forward suddenly and yells, “Move fucker!” And of course the husband, who wasn’t even there, was rightfully blamed.

Meanwhile, my kids have avoided picking up the habit so far, but definitely hear plenty and are hyper-aware of it.

A few days ago, we were doing some kitchen cleanup, while holiday music played in the background.

At one point my daughter turned to my wife with a mystified expression and said “I just can’t believe that they get away with using bad language on a Christmas carol like that.”

We looked at each other. “What are you talking about? There’s no swearing in Christmas carols.”

“Yes there is. You guys probably just don’t notice it because you’re allowed to swear. Here, I’ll show you. Hey Google, repeat the last song.”

The song starts over. The part in question is toward the end, and by the time it comes back around and she shouts “See! It was right there!” our attention has wandered and we can’t remember what the last line was.

“Hey Google, repeat that song again.” She glares at us as a minute passes. “OK, it’s coming up again. This time listen.”




Turns out my daughter, who is 12, has been avoiding singing along with Sleigh Ride for multiple years because this whole time she has thought that the lyrics go:

There’s a happy feeling nothing
In the world can buy
As they pass around the coffee
And the fuckin’ pie

That’s pumpkin hilarious

Sifu = STFU

Elder Ping
Melder Ring
Wifu (ok, maybe this one would make the game better) :D
Lost Bark
The King of Lighters XV
Horizon: Forbidden Vest
Dying Right 2