Ruin a movie with just one letter


So I saw this meme on facebook (ruin a band name with just one letter) and I thought it might be fun to try with movies.

Ruin a movie by changing one letter of the title.

I’ll get us started:

Star Wart (alternatively, Stare Wars).


Lord of the Bings: The Bill Gates Story.


Blame Runner


When Sally Met Hairy


Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them


Hot Buzz


The Lard of the Rings


Resident Eval


Blade -> Blame. A super hero with the uncanny ability to point fingers and find fault with others for all his problems.


The Dork Knight Rises
To Have and Have Nut
The Sux Also Rises
Pimping Iron
The Boy
Brewster’s Billions


Booger Nights


Dude Wheres my cat?

Wait, that would probably make the movie better not ruin it.


The Gabe Newell Story


In Diana Jones: The Lust Crusade


Roiders of the Lost Ark


Lawrence of Crabia


Dad Max
Spa Game
Zoro Dark Thirty
Pink Floyd’s The Will


Citizen Bane
Top Bun


Pop Secret!


I’d watch Dad Max. Witness me! Jumping off this diving board.