Running Wilde

Caught it earlier tonight and really liked it-- although it helps if you think of it as the Gob Bluth show. A little uneven in places, but I did have a few laugh out moments, which is more than I’d expect from an entire combined seasons of Outsourced or Bleep My Dad Says.

Better than Sit Down, Shut Up?

Hard to say at this point. I laughed really hard at a few points, but the pilot doesn’t come together particularly well.

I agree that the pilot was uneven at times. However, Will Arnet makes me laugh, so I will be watching this.

I think it just needs some time to find its legs. Arrested Development really worked well partly because of all the call backs to gags in previous episodes, and while it’s been a while since I watched the AD pilot, I bet the two are probably comparable in terms of overall quality. I expect it’ll be great just before Fox cancels it.

Finally watched this, and found it fairly funny with a lot of potential. I hope we see more David Cross though.

Yeah it would really begin to cook if David Cross was in the house as well.

Arrested Development worked because the entire cast was amazing. I’m not feeling the butler or the friend or the little girl in Running Wilde so far.

I did say “partly” for exactly that reason. Sure, the cast isn’t as strong or as diverse as AD (although I disagree with you on the friend part-- their interaction during the ‘doctor’ scene was my favorite part of the episode after the piano gag), but I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s certainly looking to be the best new comedy this season (although that’s not saying much).

Bleh. This appears to be a great cast in need of some better writers. Though there were definitely some funny bits (most involving the next door neighbor), the rest was mediocre-ville.

Of course, it didn’t help that its lead in was Raising Hope, which is definitely one of my favorite new shows. Running Wilde suffered by comparison.

Man, what are you haters talking about? This show is awesome.

“Let’s make love.”
“Ugh, no, you’re just a head coming out of packing paper.”
“Well there’s still stuff we can do.”

Yeah, this show is going in the right direction.

Agreed… I especially liked that they established that “for some reason, it’s really hard to hear under that treehouse.” I think that’s going to be a recurring thing.

I think they’re on the brink of a good show but aren’t quite there yet. The timing and writing is rather uneven, but there are glimpses of brilliance here and there (LOL @ “hiking paper”). More David Cross always helps.

Apparently show’s on hiatus in favors of reruns of Raising Hope. Good sign for the future.

Do I have to turn in my AD DVDs if I say I like Raising Hope a lot more than Running Wilde?

I hope not because I agree with you.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, they’ve been running out the last of the episodes on FX for the show. It actually came together to be nicely funny, even if the premise still doesn’t seem to have legs.