Rush Hour 3

New trailer here.

Now don’t get me wrong - I don’t like the Rush Hour movies, I have no plans to see this one and Chris Tucker grates on my nerves like no other human on earth. But this trailer is worth watching if only because you get to watch Jackie Chan punch Roman Polanski in the face.

I knew that guy looked familiar, and I am very surprised they cast him in a movie everyone will see.

Jesus H. Jiminy, this looks terrible.

Ratner must really hate his career.

I wish I were Chris Tucker so I could come out of my blow induced pseuodo-retirement every 4-5 years to make one movie for a $25 million payday.

Well I’m sure he actually loves his career in terms of the lifestyle and perks it affords him, he’s just the quintessential hack when it comes to actually doing the work. He’s a notorious pussy hound and has a well-earned reputation for being distracted and hard to engage on set because he’s almost constantly talking on his cell phone (sometimes two at once) figuring out where he’s going to tonight and with what bimbos. It got to be so bad during RH3 that New Line were apparently looking into trying to get some kind of cellphone jammer device onto the set to force him to pay attention. So is it any wonder these movies seem, ahem, phoned-in?

Tucker really is an oddity too. He hasn’t made a non-Rush Hour movie in over a decade now. I wonder what he’ll do when the franchise ends because this is supposed to be the last one. Maybe he really will retire. What a tragic loss to the cinema world that will be.

It would be, sort of, because I thought he was quite good in dramatic roles in both Jackie Brown and Dead Presidents. It would be great if he chose to concentrate on that type of thing instead.

I think Ratner ruined the X-Men franchise.

Yeah that $459m worldwide box-office is a real franchise-killer!

(Yes, I know you mean creatively - I actually didn’t think it suffered noticeably from Singer’s absence, but then I wasn’t a massive fan of the first two either).

Man, the whole “Who’s on first” bit was a groaner and a half.

I’m at work so I haven’t watched this trailer but I like Tucker. Sure he’s a poor man 80’s Eddie Murphy but when Eddie is busy doing Norbit & the Klumps you’ll take what you can get.

I was just checking IMDB to see what movies I hadn’t seen that Chris Tucker was in. Turns out I’ve seen them all except for House Party 3.

Sounds like he was already semi-retired anyway. The impression I’ve always got is that it was New Line who was begging for another Rush Hour movie and that Tucker has been the reason it’s taken six years anyway.

I always wonder if there aren’t some people who look at ten or twenty million in the bank account and figure out that they need never work again.

I guess at that point it’s all about the attention.

That might be all the funny bits in the whole movie, Ratner’s a hack, etc but I laughed so hard I cried watching that. Looks like good stupid fun.