Saddam Scoffs at Charges of War Crimes

Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) scoffed at charges of war crimes and mass killings Thursday, making a defiant first public appearance since being hunted down seven months ago. The deposed dictator fixed the judge with a penetrating stare and declared: “This is all a theater by Bush, the criminal.”

Unaccompanied by a lawyer, he was presented with seven preliminary charges that included gassing thousands of Kurds in 1988, the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the suppression of 1991 revolts by Kurds and Shiites, the murders of religious and political leaders and the mass displacement of Kurds in the 1980s.

At times, Saddam, rather than the judge, seemed in command of the hearing, firmly signaling that he be allowed to speak. He occasionally lectured the young magistrate, making his points with emphatic hand gestures.

He insisted that he be referred to as “president of the Republic of Iraq” and asked who the judge was and under what authority he was holding the hearing.

The judge, who officials have refused to identify for security reasons, said he represented the Iraqi people and acted under coalition authority.

“So you are an Iraqi representing the coalition forces?” Saddam asked.

“No,” the judge replied. “I am an Iraqi representing the Iraqi judicial system.”

Speaking in strong tones, as if he was still commander in chief, the 67-year-old Saddam offered a bit of advice.

“The judicial system in Iraq always represents the will of the people,” he said. “You should not work according to the law of the occupying forces; these are invading forces.”

Saddam in da house. Let the theater begin. This could backfire, couldn’t it?

It’s not going to happen, and I wouldn’t want it to happen, but history is filled with things stranger than Saddam regaining control of Iraq.

In his impression of professional wrestler The Iron Sheik, Saddam was quoted as saying: “Iraq number one! USA: hack-ptoooey!” He then proceeded to smack the camel clutch on the magistrate while Sgt. Slaughter slapped him upside the head with a folding chair. :lol:

Technically, I think the only war crime he committed was using poison gas on the Iranians (they responsed in kind, of course).

All the mass killings and kurds would be crimes against humanity/genocide.

He looks even better than he did before the war started. I wonder if he’s upset that he didn’t try the whole beard thing earlier.

When I saw the new Svelte Saddam, I had this image of him replacing Anna Nicole Smith in the Trim Spa ads…When asked about his new appearance, he did respond in Arabic, “Trim Spa, Baby!”

I woke up kinda groggy and turned the TV on, which was set to MSNBC.

It took me a second to figure out why the fuck Dennis Miller was on so goddamned early.

Isn’t it odd we live in a world where people actually get their information about the man in the bottom photo from the man in the top photo? I think Opera Man is a more reliable source of info.

Makes you wonder why they made Phil Hartman put on those prosthetics for the Unfrozen Caveman sketches when they had this ready to go.