safe "Macro Recorder"?

I would like to create some macros to automate a few things, but am a bit weary of voluntarily installing a keylogger on my system… Does anyone here have any experience with macro generating software? I don’t think I even need it to record mouse movement, keylogging would probably suffice.

This one looks plausible?

Guess to be safe I could block it in my firewall to prevent it from calling home?

I’d be wary of random keyloggers too!

Instead you could use AutoHotKey, which is well regarded, free, and open source.

Though it is more of a scripting tool than a key recorder, it is highly capable.

cool! thanks… will check it out.

Second autohotkey, there is almost nothing you won’t be able to do with it once you grok how to script it and there is plenty of documentation.

Note, some games anti cheat systems will not be cool with it running into the tray - lots of hacks and cheats are built with autohotkey scripts.