Sam and Max: Episode 3

Its out today on Gametap. I quickly downloaded it and jumped right in. Then quickly got stuck on what must be the first puzzle… so if any one figured out how to beat Boris at poker, let me know.

P.S., I have the Ace, just can’t figure out how to use it. Ditto with the magnet which I presume is to be used at Bosco’s.

Two hours till I’ll be playing this. :)

And three hours until you’re done playing it. This one seemed even shorter then the original, though my actual playing time might have been longer due to getting stumped on the first puzzle (it wasn’t actually that hard, I just didn’t “pixel hunt” the right area). As for laughs, I’d put it about on par with the second episode, which is ahead of the first in my book. However, where as the humor from the second episode stemmed from the dark soul of american television, the jokes in this one were more “isolated” one liners and cultural refrences. For example, [SLIGHT SPOILER] Bosco is now faking being French, and replaces french words with American ones, such as Monseiur becomes Mon-sewer[/SLIGHT SPOILER]

I still say its episodic content done right, but I can’t imagine paying the $8 for the episode alone.

This was the weakest one yet. Not bad, just not as good as the first two. They seem to be listening and Telltale is adding alternate uses for items. For example the “bug” can be used in many places other than its one plot point use. On the other hand, there was a lot let to do to move the plot.