Same Old Shit

Ha. Play Haze.

True. They can take forever to make.


Seriously. Go take up macrame or knitting, losers.

This is hardly anything new, but I feel like critics and sales are rewarding sequels more than ever these days. It’s not only that large companies don’t want to innovate, it’s that they get burned when they try it, so of course they go back to the same old franchises. The top five recent PC Games on Metacritic are Portal 2, Shogun 2, DiRT 3, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and The Witcher 2. I’d imagine the top 5 sellers are all sequels as well.

I don’t know if that’s because it’s just easier to make a sequel because you’ve learned so much from the first one, or if it’s because only good games get sequels, or because there’s not enough credit given for innovation by reviewers. But it sure seems like people just want slight twists on the same old formulas, at least when they’re spending $50. Is it any wonder that none of the large companies are willing to gamble on a new IP?

Looking back over the thread, I see Pogue Mahone said the same thing in fewer words. :) At least we do have the indie scene. People are totally willing to try new experiences at the $10-$15 price point. Terraria and Frozen Synapse being recent examples.

Pretty much. And the one thing on the list (Overstrike) is not screaming financial hit to me. But Borderlands did alright, so we’ll see.

So, you disagree or agree?

I don’t said that bad FPS games don’t exist. I said that is hard to make a FPS that is not fun to play.

That’s because it sounds gritty.

Fun fps = good fps.

What’s wrong with sequels? I’d love a sequel to Borderlands, actually.

But I’m also looking forward to sequels for Diablo, Mass Effect, Infamous…you know, I could make a LONG list here, but you get the point.

There should be a game about bald space marines that fight aliens! That would be kewl!

Hey, I would shrivel up and die without a constant flow of bald space marine games.

AAA are very expensive to make, most publishers have for the last 5 years posted losses or very small profits, so there only solution is to expand franchises that make money and kill all the rest of big projects.
New ideas are better suited for smaller budget games. Also most recent new IPs were launched within the first year of consoles launch, so there are continuing hte franchises until the generations dies in two or three years.

Even though it’s technically within the Brothers In Arms IP, can Fantastic Four be counted as a ‘new’ IP? It’s not exactly following on from any of the previous ones, by the looks. So I’m not really seeing how the BIA moniker seems to indicate any continuity with the BIA franchise aside from: “Set in World War 2 and by Gearbox.”

Whether it’s a new IP or not, the game looks like an extremely generic shooter.

Master Chief is bald!? SPOILER ALERT