Same Old Shit

Can we get a running tally of new IPs at e3 (or in the lead up to e3)? Do they only exist on the PC/iOS?

List so far:

Overstrike- Possible Resistance 2 Co-Op Mode Spinoff with TF2 aesthetic
Starhawk- It may technically be a new IP but it’s a Warhawk sequel

Dust514 for the PS3!

and that’s the only thing i remember so far.

and Overstrike

Dirt 514 is the only original game that looked interesting that I’ve seen.

Not exactly new as it was announced/shown last year.

I think we got Ryse, Medieval Moves, and Disney Land Adventures for new stuff shown at the console manufacturers presentations. All of questionable appeal to Qt3 folks.

At EA there was Overstrikers.



The onrails game from Crytek for Kinect. From Dust from Ubisoft. Rage from id software. Dust514 from Eve creators, Overstrike from Imsoniac? i think.
I don’t know, someone follow my list.

I was thinking the exact same thing. This is the type of shit that drives me to MMOs.

Well, the big ticket items have to stick with what’s safe, right? There’s a considerable investment to recover. So we seem to be splitting off, where the indies are taking on the new ideas, giving us the new stuff, really innovating. It’s the market split we’ve been seeing for a while, just carried to the next step.

Can you actually call Dust 514 a new IP if it’s set in the Eve universe?

We’re starving as is.

I’m starting to see why marketing teams prefer existing brands!

Plus it was announced in like 2009.

Alright, it’s wiped.


More importantly, Dust 514 is going to be terrible.

Other than Derek Smart, that insist in making FPS games with a engine made for a flight simular, and some FPS games for the iPhone, … I don’t think I have see a terrible FPS game in years. Is very hard to make a bad FPS game.

There are too many games called Dirt/Dust.

Don’t forget about Starhawk. Based on an a slightly older game in Warhawk but updated with totally new IP and game elements.

Guess this didn’t meet your requirement of being announced at e3, but it was announced leading up to e3. I guess that’s the reality we leave in with leaks and up to the minute news.

To be fair, most of the original IP doesn’t come from the big boys, and instead can be found all over the showroom floors. Not that much of that is actually any good, but I do recall getting a chance to play around with this game called scribblenauts at an E3 not long ago…

I’d count it but it’s really a sequel.