San Andreas - Mouse/Keyboard control?

This may be a little random, but – has anyone tried to get mouse/keyboard support running in San Andreas? I don’t mind using the gamepad while driving, but I always preferred the PC version while on foot, especially while shooting. For example, the 8-Ball sniping mission in GTA III was a tough go for me on the PS2, while it was ridiculously easy with the mouse/keyboard.

I know a handful of PS2 games have shipped with the option, because the USB ports are already there, but was curious if GTA SA did as well. Anyone try it? If the support is there, I might be tempted to buy it now instead of waiting for the inevitable PC version.

Not sure… I can tell you the targeting is improved. Don’t trust me though, I end up buying them 3 times, every time (ps2, xbox, pc)

I prefer xbox versions, but the mods make me buy the pc ports too. And I like the series a ton so I have to buy them when released, so that’s where the ps2 comes in… and I hate playing them on the ps2- the framerates on all three kinda suck.

After having played the first two entirely on the PC it’s been a bit of a shock going over to the PS2 for the third.

I finally figured out how to get the game to work in widescreen, but it’s still not component quality in any way.

If you were planning on waiting for a version of higher quality, I wouldn’t blame you… I’m enjoying the hell out of it, don’t get me wrong, but still…

I was very close to diving in and getting a ps2. Glad I waited. I had a chance to plat GTA:SA on the ps2 and found the controls very frustrating. So I will be waiting for the pc version now.

I’ve read that the framerate is signficantly worse with widescreen mode enabled.

Mmm I’m not sure my PS2 is giving me full graphical loveliness - not compared to ones I’ve played before, anyway. What could be an issue - the cables?


I’ve read that the framerate is signficantly worse with widescreen mode enabled.[/quote]

So far no problems. It’s a much better experience for me anyway. I’m still stunned at how almost totally unreadable the map icons are…

I’m using the official PS2, Xbox, and GC component cables, and the PS2 has always looked far worse than the Xbox or GC. I just chalked it up to the PS2 hardware being crappier, but if you find some cable that makes a difference, please let me know.

Well, I wasn’t expecting amazing gfx, but I did expect the picture to be a bit sharper (it’s a little wobbly, hard to explain). Might pick up another cable and try that.

it’s a little wobbly, hard to explain

It’s not the heat effects in the game, right? Besides, on bad, muggy, nasty full-on smog LA days, everything there in real life looks pretty much like PS2 graphics.


It’s not just GTA:SA, PES4 is a bit like that too (tho not so pronounced). If I get a chance I’ll try it on a different TV, see if it’s that’s the problem.

They revamped the targeting system. Almost every weapon locks on like the subguns in Vice City. You hold in R1 to lock on, then you can flip through targets by hitting L2 or R2 to go left or right. You can even strafe with the weapon at the ready (R1 with no target) to move around corners easily then hit L2 or R2 when you see someone to lock onto. It makes the shooting much easier than the last two.

– Xaroc

Are there sniper rifles in this game? I haven’t seen any yet, and it was the missions involving sniper rifles that were MUCH easier in the previous PC versions.

There are. also you can control anything FPS style with thr right stick, it’s free aim all the time. I don’t think that was like that in other ps2 incarnations of GTA. Makes tire and gastank shooting easy.