Sarah Conner - renewed

To be fair, I’m not reading the original thread, partly because I don’t care, but partly because if I decide to care some day (I find out the show has become good) I don’t want spoilers. So this thread let me know it was renewed.

You should read some blogs.

I think this “news” is one of those things that happens because the internet is such a huge place.

One person might see an announcement 10 times in a day, so it quickly becomes old news. On the otherhand, a second person (me) might not run across the news item for a week, but it’s still new to them when they do.

Alls Ima sayin’ is thank the Lord we don’t haveta hava new topic fer each’n every onna’em.

I tried complaining about people posting every single slashdot and aicn story a couple of years ago. It didn’t go well.