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I can see the rest, but Franken?

OK then, I consider myself a Moderate Conservative why?

  1. I’m Pro-Life: I was adopted in 1972 the last year before Roe v. Wade became the law of the land, it’s very personal to me and I strongly believe we need to overturn the ruling.

  2. I want smaller Government (with some exceptions): I believe people should be more pro-active in there personal and fiscal responsibility and only rely on the government when there are no other options.

  3. Gun Ownership: Is written into our Constitution and should remain that way.

  4. Strong national defense: Meaning keeping the budget the same or increasing if necessary. Pro-Star Wars for example.

  5. Less Taxes: because I believe it helps our economy grow, it goes along with smaller government. We waste so much money in this country that if we could just clean it up we would have a huge surplus, increasing taxes IMO just increases the problem.

Why I’m not Right-Wing Conservative.

  1. I’m Christian but not very religious, I don’t take the Bible literal but I do think we will all be better off if we live by some of the best examples show to us in it. But it doesn’t belong in public schools.

  2. I think gays should have every right that everyone else has including marriage, If Roe v. Wade is overturned we will need as many good people we can find to adopt children.

  3. I think we should work within the international community when it comes to war and not go it alone, but should always reserve the right to protect ourselves, again strong defense.

I cant think of any more off the top of my head, I’m sure I’m missing some. The thing to remember about our system is that we really only have a two party system and only a small percent of us fit into totally right or left, but we vote with the party that best fits our issues.

I think the only choice men have where abortion is concerned starts and stops at wearing a condom.

Why? Why should it be any business of yours what someone else does with their body?

Rather than rail against abortion, wouldn’t it be more productive to make sure those “unwanted” pregnancies are stopped before someone has to get to that point? I personally wouldn’t have an abortion if I were to become pregnant, but that’s my own personal choice and not something I am going to push onto others. I’m also very responsible about birth control so I never have to face that decision.

Right now, the government’s solution is to tell people to keep it in their pants, which is all well and good but they obviously don’t remember what it was like to be young and full of hormones.

What’s your stance on the death penalty? Is life only sacred to you when it’s a fetus?

Being pregnant has, if anything, reinforced my pro-choice stance. Being pregnant is a major life change and a lot of sacrifices come with it. I wouldn’t support the government being able to force people to donate a kidney, even if it would save a life. So I definitely can’t support the government forcing a woman to have a baby.

I’ve heard some pretty bizarre things from him, but I agree he’s not as batshit screwball as modern Moore. I was having a hard time coming up with other visible leftist pundits, so I punted a bit. Sorry about that.

The sad thing about P&R^H^H^Hthe Internet is that the most reasonable posts are the ones that get the fewest responses :-) I’ll treat the lack of follow-up to my posting as testament to its non-trollishness and let everyone else get back to digging in the Dirt.

I’m pro-choice: If the fetus before me had been allowed to come to term, I would never have been born.

If you think pregnancy is a major life change, wait until the kid arrives and diapers, naps, and feeding suddenly dominate your every free minute. Yet I don’t think it’s possible to make a reasonable argument in favor of legalized infanticide just because motherhood is tough.

I don’t think abortion is anywhere near as simple an issue as the hardliners on either end of the argument try to make it seem.

From where I stand: I don’t believe the government should ever dictate what an individual does with their body. I also believe our legal system should prohibit (and punish) killing babies. The sticky wicket comes down to what constitutes a baby.

Yeah. I don’t know why Franken keeps getting mentioned in the same breath with Rush and the like. Franken wrote books (with a team of researchers) debunking the sensationalist and hateful tactics of characters like Coulter. He isn’t one of them. I wonder if whoever lumps Franken in with the others has read any of his books or heard him speak. It’s like they need to come up with another name other than Moore so they can claim pox on both houses.

I drew the line where I did deliberately, Ryan, and I provided a further example. I don’t think the government should be in the business of telling people how they must use their bodies. I would not support mandatory blood donations, marrow donations, or kidney donations for the same reason I am pro-choice.

Ugh, please don’t derail this thread into one of those endless abortion merry-go-rounds. Just accept that some people are pro-life and leave it at that.

Considering Governor Palin is stringently Pro-Life, this is an important conversation.

I’m curious, like what?

I don’t know about him, but I’m anti-abortion and anti-death penalty. Though I think the actions to take in respect to abortions are comprehensive sexual education to reduce the number of accidental pregnancies, and actions to improve the adoption process and support process for pregnant women such that it is a more viable alternative to abortion for women in crisis situations.

Oh shit guys I think I’ve been unethniculated!

And I bet your definition of what an “American” is, is just a riot.

McCain should have picked Michelle Obama for his running mate. That would have been strategic and fly.

Then why can’t we find some common ground on the issue? Can you, or Taranis not agree that preventing those pregnancies before they become an abort or not situation? Can’t you accept that there are people who think that it’s not the government’s business to interfere in one’s personal life, and leave it at that?

Besides, message boards are for discussing things, and abortion has been brought up several times in this thread before now, I just finally felt like offering a rebuttal.

I respect and support your position on this, which is why I also respect the Catholic Church’s view, because at least it’s consistent. It seems to me so many of these anti-abortionists only care about life at the beginning. I would love there to be a world where abortions aren’t necessary, but unfortunately that’s not the case as it is.

So what does that say to you?

I like other fiction. Why can’t I like the bible?

Not to start another discussion here, but as a historical document the bible has shown to be fairly accurate in a lot of places. You could call many of the books myth or legend that is rooted in history, but calling it fiction might be a bit much and is usually used just to get people angry.