Save all pictures at on webpage at once?

I’ve been wondering this for a while but with all the E3 stuff, I kind of want to figure this out quick. On a page with bunch of thumbnails, is there a way to “save” the whole page including expanded thumbnails in one fell swoop? It’s a pain having to open each screenshot to save individually.


If you’re using Firefox (or Mozilla), check out Linky. Absolutely outstanding extension.

Why am I so reluctant to move to firefox? Maybe I’m afrad it’s slow my computer down at tad… can it?

Firefox is at least as quick as IE for me; either way, merely installing it won’t affect how fast your machine runs at all – if you don’t run it, all it does is take a small chunk of disk space.

So, give it a shot – if you don’t like it, just uninstall, no harm done :)

In IE, depending on how the page is organized, you should be able to use the File | Save As menu item to save the entire page and its linked contents.

The whole page yes, all the expanded screenshots - no. Just get all the thumbnails.

Go to Firefox jp. You won’t regret it.

I keep IE around because of the odd application that needs it, but for 99.9% of my browsing, Firefox is mucho bettero.

Don’t listen to them. You want Opera. Much better than Firefox.

Yes, there’s also Opera. The free version is ad-supported, and if the ads bother you, you can get rid of them by paying the registration fee.

  • Alan

Opera is cool too, but it doesn’t have Linky :)

Whoa! I used to use the demo of a for-pay program called WebPictures (or something) for that! Super awesome!

I used to be a die-hard Opera fan, but the customizability of Firefox eventually got me to switch… that plus extensions. Reopen closed tab was the extenstion that won me over.

I’ve never used Linky, but I do use one called DownThemAll that works for more than just images. It’ll parse HTML pages for all the images embedded in the page, or will parse all of the links to images (or video, audio, and I think compressed files, etc.) and let you download them all at once.