SAW X - Somehow, a semi-prequel with Jigsaw

Set between the first and second movies. For fans of the series, this features the return of Kevin Greutert directing, who previously directed Saw VI and Saw 3D (the seventh movie) in the line.

I’ll enjoy this when it hits streaming, I’ve seen them all so its like I am required to watch it.

I’m in the same boat. I expect this to suck, but I’ll be there on my couch shaking my head the whole time anyway.

So the gurus of the franchise got together and made a clear decision that something had to be done to inject new lifeblood into the wheezy old contraption. They came up with a solution that, in theory, sounds good: “Saw X,” the 10th entry in the now two-decade-old series, comes closer than most of the “Saw” films to being an actual movie.

The downside of “Saw X” seeming more like a real movie than many of the films in the series is that there’s more talking and less torturing; I personally approve of that ratio, though I’m not sure it will pay off at the box office. The torture set pieces in the “Saw” films are lavish gifts of baroque horror presented to the audience. They are, quite simply, the reason we came. Tobin Bell, with his stare of pitiless wisdom, is also a draw, but “Saw X” raises the issue of how much of John Kramer’s hand-wringing is too much.

But why tho?



Hoffman baby!

And watched, (Amazon has this for like $5) so cost with digital credits was free. Good price.

Overall I liked it better than the last few movies, there was decent backstory, and it didn’t feel like a cash grab to me.

Loved the way the final trap worked out, didn’t expect it.

Finally watched this. I think this was a first for me on a Saw movie.

I was bored.

Say what you will about the previous movies but none of them bored me. They were bad and sometimes super dumb but never boring.

Kramer and Amanda just wouldn’t shut up and their dimestore moralizing was tedious. Somehow the dialogue with the ringleader was even more eye rolling.

I will say that the wire saw trap was pretty gnarly.

Are you including Spiral in your previous SAW movie viewing, because that was a bad and boring movie. :)

Spiral was definitely bad, but I remember being completely mystified throughout its run. I spent most of the time wondering “How does this exist?”