School shooting in Florida




What´s happening in the school halls
What´s happening with dead kids
I want to know
What´s happening with uncontrollable fear
What´s happening with parasitic capitalism
I want to know
I watch you on TV every single day
Those eyes make everything OK

Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo


I was impressed by Andrew Gillum after Parkland but he was way behind in the polls. Now that he won the Gov. primary, at least I can vote for him! Polling is approaching meteorology in its complete failure of accuracy.


FL-Gov has been the biggest polling miss of the primary season – and primary polling is typically terrible.

For the most part, polls have been very accurate. They were very accurate in 2016, too, for anyone caring to look past the headlines and punditry.


IIRC, Gillum had 7% within the past several weeks…

That’s a pretty big miss.


Did… Did they actually use “Bulletproof” as the intro song for that segment?


The Parkland kids(and the Avengers) continue to rock:



This week’s This American Life starts with “lessons learned from school shootings.” Specifically, what knowledge and procedures did Marjory Stoneman Douglas have in place during their event, and did it help them?

I did not know, for example, that the school had completed an overhaul and update of their emergency plans and drills only a month before the tragedy. Even with that, it seems there are no good answers for the fire alarm problem. Fire alarms make people leave their classrooms, which is in direct conflict with the advice to lock up and hunker down during an active shooting. Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ fire alarm was set off by dust from ceiling tiles when the shooter was firing into the halls. Also, if you are caught out in the open during a shooting, the recommendation is to just run away from the sound of gunfire, but many schools have open quads between buildings that cause echoes. Kids wind up running towards danger due to sound bouncing around.


This was our set-up in high school. During the Springfield shooting, there were two buildings that were so old they didn’t have the intercom system or telephones.



That must be something they found out in the investigation, because all the early reports said the shooter set off the fire alarm to lure the kids into the halls.

Bulletproof and lockable classroom doors seems like the simplest, albeit expensive, method of hardening schools.


So apparently a sheriff’s office in Florida believed they have to do active shooter drills and say “this is not a drill”, causing staff & students & parents to panic and vomit.

Good lord, what was that Sheriff thinking?


Dear Lord. Yeah what you want to do is condition kids to hear it’s not a drill and then… believe it’s a drill. These people were not thinking well at all when they came up with this ploy.


“The massacre might never have happened had Broward had better leadership in the sheriff’s department,” DeSantis said.

A state commission investigating the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School recently concluded Israel’s changes to the department’s active shooter policy may have contributed to some deputies’ inaction during the shooting. DeSantis’ executive order says that Israel inserted into the department’s active shooter policy that deputies “may” enter a building to confront a shooter in order to preserve life.

As such, it says, deputy Scot Peterson, the only armed deputy on campus the day of the massacre, “exercised the discretion of Sheriff Israel” when he failed to confront the shooter. It also notes that six nearby Broward sheriff’s deputies “did not immediately move towards the gunshots to confront the shooter.”

The executive order references 21 previous interactions with gunman Nikolas Cruz, including a social media threat to “shoot up the school” and a tip that he had weapons and “might be a Columbine in the making.”