Science may figure out why weirdos play with inverted controls

Title Science may figure out why weirdos play with inverted controls
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When December 2, 2020

Scientists are studying gamers that play with inverted controls. Back in February, The Guardian published an article about the phenomenon and the debate was hot enough to attract the attention of Dr. Jennifer Corbett and Dr..

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Jesus Christ. It’s because some of us were flight-simmers before we were FPS nerds.

Not fucking rocket science, if you can dig it.

I’m a weirdo! Woohoo!

In other news, water is wet. :)

I’m so old I fart dust, but I use both. Growing up with flight sims, forward on the stick is down. That spread to FPS games, since the POV is the same. But most third-person perspective games I don’t invert the Y-axis. The inverted X-axis I’ve never understood, but different strokes, is it really that hard to program to pick up some more audience?

The one I’ll never understand is camera sway. We’ve evolved to have an automatic stabilizer for our eyes, why do many games not let me turn that crap off? It nauseates me, so it’s a deal-breaker. Space Hulk: Deathwing is the most recent example I can remember where I fully intended to buy it, and never have because of camera sway/head bob.

Camera sway and vibration are the first things I turn off if I can. And v-sync.

Do they explain what that weirdo is doing that for in the picture?

Yup. Give this man a grant!

What about the people that insist on it and don’t play flight sims? A lot of kids want to invert their controls in games like Call of Duty. That’s what puzzles most folks.

Um, hashtag born that way, Boomer

I used to play inverted but for some reason I ended up switching sorta halfway through the Quake 2 era.

I think the funny thing was it sort of happened because I was going to a cyber cafe with friends for a few rounds and forgot to switch it in the options. It all kinda felt off but I didn’t quite click why. So for a while I was playing with both; one way at home and one way at the cafe. After sustaining myself for some time on the anguish of defeated friends and foes alike I guess it sorta stuck.

Never really played much in the way of flight sims, though I dabbled. I guess the inversion may have carried over from Elite 2, if it was default there. Which I did play a lot of.

I wasn’t ever really a flight simmer but I dinked around with them in the '80s because they had some of the best (aka only) 3D graphics going. I also played a lot of Elite; maybe that’s where I got the habit.

Anyway, I can’t remember a time when a non-inverted Y Axis in FPS’s didn’t feel weird. Oddly, when you’re talking about 3rd person I can pretty much go either way.

Gamers of culture go inverted in first-person, but leave the controls alone for third-person.

Which can be confusing as fuck in flight games like Ace Combat/War Thunder that give you cockpit/external views

The only weird thing about control schemes is the weirdos who insist on judging other people for doing it differently than themselves.

whoa clear tha mutherfuckin lane for mister egalitarian here, bois

That’s one of those claw-grip gamers.

I just don’t understand how it works. How are you supposed to hit the face buttons with the…side of your index finger?

Actually I go inverted for third person games too, if I’m playing Gears I gotta go inverted. I only leave camera control uninverted if I’m moving a pointer around a screen - so if it’s an adventure game where you’re more or less moving a mouse pointer, or if you’re painting targets like Panzer Dragoon or Rez.



I played with inverted controls for a long time but got sick of it and decided to change it up – I figured Skyrim was the perfect game to do so since I was constantly looking up and down and it was relatively slow paced. It probably took five hours for it to reach okay status and not too much longer before it became completely natural. One of the few success stories in my life (I put it on my resume).

I play inverted with sticks (first or third person doesn’t matter) and non with a mouse. Anything else feels weird to me. I lost more than one Fall Guys match because they inexplicably didn’t include inversion as an option originally and I just couldn’t get used to it.