Sean Bean preens for his meme scene in Hitman 2

Sean Bean preens for his meme scene in Hitman 2 Sean Bean plays the role of Mark Faba in Hitman 2’s first elusive target mission, The Undying. It’s Sean Bean, so we know how this one will turn out, especially with Agent 47 involved. Faba’s somewhat of an inventor according to the video. You even get to vote on which one of his weapons the developers should unlock. (Of course, the right answer is the pen.) Players will be able to hunt Bean’s digital alter ego starting on November 20th, and he’ll only be available as a target for ten days. Hitman 2 launches on November 13th.

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I heard they originally considered Charlie Sheen.



Oooo, that’s low. I can’t play it until next year. They usually make these available again, right?


They were all reactivated once, but you still had only one chance at beating them.

Also Hitman 1 levels will be brought to Hitman 2 so there’s hope you’ll be able to tackle original game elusive targets. Even though I had dozens of hours in that game I only got a couple of those andsome would be great to repeat.