Seattle Snopacalypse - 2012 Edition

Since we have a lot of Seattle area folks around, I’m surprised the latest snow “event” hasn’t been brought up. I suspect thats because its technically a holiday weekend and so the impact so far has been limited. But with more snow expected the next few days, tomorrow could be very interesting.

We’ve only gotten an inch or so where I’m at on the southeast side of the metro area, but more is expected. The bigger issue last night was ice.

The view down my driveway this afternoon:

About 3-4 inches in Lynnwood. My sister had about 6-7 inches in Snohomish.

About 1 1/2 to 2 inches in Bellevue. The view out my front door:

I’d like to thank the Left Coast for taking the bullet on this one. Please keep all precipitation with you until March.

Just don’t come crying to us when summer comes and your area becomes a DESERT WASTELAND!

I’m willing to take that chance.

Amen. Also, until traffic is backed up for more than 6 hours, I don’t know that it’s truly a snopocalyse.

That just doesn’t look like much snow, to be honest. Hardly a snopocalypse.

I do wish we would get some more snow here in Ohio though. It’s been a crappy winter for snow. The temps are abnormally high this year, thanks to some La Nina or something.

Speaks a man who obviously never lived in Seattle. :)

Yea. Poor Seattle shuts down in snow with an inch because all those hills make for fun physics problems on friction and colliding bodies.

BTW, Cliff Mass blog is saying that Wednesday will be actual Snowpocalypse vs. what we have right now, which is the Slushpocalypse.


It took me a second, but good one.

In upstate Ny we “might” drive under the speed limit in such a “storm”.lol

I’ll gladly take all of your guys’ snow. Point your fans north!

This is one of those ultra-rare times when living in Louisiana is a good thing. It’s about 70 outside now and I’ve been wearing shorts all day.

Yeah, same here in Portland. We have virtually no infrastructure to deal with snow here, since we get it so infrequently. Added bonus, no one here has any inkling how to drive in snow or ice.

“I have 4-wheel drive! No problem!”

I don’t think anybody has an idea how to drive in snow/ice. At least during the first snowfall. It seems everybody gets amnesia over the Summer and forgets. There are always a few accidents that first week of snowfall and everybody here likes to blame non-Alaskans.

I took a weather course from Cliff Mass at UW. He’s very good. Shit, I have to drive to Sea-Tac on Friday and pick people up. Shit, shit shit, shit, shit.

6-14 inches on Wednesday, this is going to be ridiculous.