Second Front - From the maker of HexDraw

HexDraw is map-making software that’s been around for a few years. The guy that develops it, is pretty much taking that and turning it 3D, then laying a turn-based WWII game on top of it.

Yeah, I’ve had this on wishlist for a year or two. When it’s done is the ETA.

Don’t believe it’ll have a proper campaign so I’m at this point only mildly interested as it might just be a scenario puzzler.

Not only a WWII game.

This is very, very similar (or was some months ago, when I watched the videos) to Advanced Squad Leader. There are some changes in the different fire phases and order of them, etc to improve the flow and break less the player’s turn (and I think some automatic reaction fire? That was unclear), but a lot of the core systems (including specific due roll results) were there. So not quite a computerized ASL, but something extremely similar, and apparently with a decent UI.

It is out… I took the plunge, I played the original Squad Leader by John Hill back in the Seventies and thought the game would be a perfect port to computers once the tech was there. After almost a half century, I think it has been accomplished!

Looking forward to hearing some reviews after you guys have a chance to kick the tires. I need another game like a hole in the head, but that rarely stops me.

Here is the Steam link to the manual if anyone is interested. DasTactics seemed to really like it (but who knows what YouTubers really like nowadays) and I was intrigued watching him playing it. Would love to hear more impressions if anyone has them. As well if it will be playable on a Steam Deck (no mention on Steam).

Das is not just any YouTuber. Sir.

I like him and trust him, but if it’s a sponsored video (not sure if Second Front was for him) and he says he likes it, does he really?

FWIW, I would trust Das to give an honest review.

I would too, but the previews are not reviews.

I think he mainly plays what he likes though for his regular stream, and he seems to really like Dwarf Fortress.

I saw this and was intrigued, and the manual looks nice too. Very tempting.

At the risk of bringing Bruce’s wrath down on my head - this is the ASL game we have been waiting for? Much better than Tigers on the Hunt at least.

Well, this is not ASL, but I want to know how much it’s not it. That is, what are the specific differences (other than not playing against a human face-to-face opponent).

I took the plunge. Haven’t had a chance to play yet, but I’ll report back when I do.

This looks good! The reviews all speak highly that I found

Took the plunge and ran it on the Deck. Works but will need proper control layouts. Seems doable though (gonna read the manual to be sure).

So, no skulking? :)

I’m curious to know how the AI performs. I’m surprised it didn’t ship with some form of multiplayer given the ASL references, (edit) and the map/scenario editor.

Multi would be cool with this. If this can play well on the Steam Deck not using the pad, I will love it.

I think moving the cursor with the right stick should be doable. Will keep trying over the weekend.

Funny, because when I hear ASL I think of Solo ASL, I forget it was a multiplayer game.