Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Sweet a conspiracy theorist from Breitbart.


Uh… What?


HA HA! Found the sheeple!


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And yet in his own perverse way, Yakov Smirnoff has somehow attained immortality.


LOL!!! Like what you think of Trump or Obama actually matters. We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the record I don’t give a shit about Trump. It doesn’t matter what you or I think about him, because the big money will get what they want. You don’t have shit to say about it.


Is “the big money” a giant monolithic institution, like the Illuminati?
It seems like that group probably has a multitude of goals, that actually conflict with each other.


Big money! No whammies!



(Really, stop)




Also, fuck you discourse for demanding complete sentences. WTF is wrong with you?


That whole “incomplete sentence” thing when your post is all in caps is one of the most arbitrary and annoying things about Discourse.


Actually, if anything, the intelligence community would prefer a middling level of tension sufficient to keep funding but never rising to actual warfare. War is really bad for them because then their intel has immediate and rather visible consequences, and you can’t hide the fuck ups. Also, it gets a lot harder to do your job.


QFT the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Ah! But this is not the case for Trump. If he resigns, he goes back to the world of business and entertainment where he is surrounded by sycophants and can do and say as he pleases without the media and the judiciary questioning his every move. The replies on his Twitter feed gradually shift away from people telling him how awful he is to his puppy dog followers telling him how great he is and how mean and nasty his enemies are. He can start his own right wing network playing to his base and everyone will listen breathlessly to his lunatic ranting like they do for Falwell or Alex Jones.

The narcissist in him would be much happier returning to this world of validation.


Well, that was his plan. He was supposed to lose so he could do that. Now that he won he can’t back out or it would be showing weakness.


Hey, I am completely on the conspiracy side of things. Whether its the illuminati, deep state or whatever. There is always an agenda. And of course there is also the big bureaucracy of inept factions within government. And yeah, its a cold war they want. Syria is the perfect proxy… they’re just lining up the next one. I’m out, I hate politics and I hate all of you. I’m going back to Alex Jones. :-p


What this scandal really needs is a good, solid name that doesn’t end with “gate”. All the lasting ones have that: Iran-Contra, Whitewater, The Lewinsky Scandal / Affair, Katrina, Birtherism, Benghazi. For example, “The Kompromat Situation” or something along those lines, eventually shortened to just Kompromat. Though it would be nice if it had a structure that encouraged future scandals or individuals or activities to be named after it. Like “The Russification.”


He can save face by saying that he was forced out by a conspiracy among his enemies. He is the aggrieved party and he resigned rather than give them the satisfaction.


How about the Kompromat Laundromat?