Secret World Legends


All the HUD elements have their own scaling slider. You might have to dig a bit in the options, but it’s definitely in there. Everything blows up pretty nicely.



Click the little lock in the top right, mark an element, use mousewheel to increase/decrease size.


Apparently there was a major bug/exploit with exchanging currency that completely screwed the economy. Now everyone is talking about a rollback and while i would HATE HATE HATE it because i spent a lot of yesterday playing with my friend, it may be the only way to save the economy.


Uh huh. Or you do some basic datamining and only roll back currency (or ban) the outliers.


Maybe, but it sounds like it would have affected even casual use unfairly. Also if you bought on the currency market it likely helped you as well, even if you didnt know it.

I can hope that is the case though.

Without a doubt they should ban the people who very obviously exploited it, but then there are people who bought from those people unknowingly as well.


How do you “ruin” the economy in one day. I say carry on, those who made a profit can enjoy it, the rest will be none the wiser.

  • Extended downtime today to fix the issue I see.

  • Revenant ARG added another puzzle today.

  • Someone made a nice thread on forum with regards to dungeon keys. If you’ve spent all your keys, what reason is there to redo a dungeon? So maybe they make the last key open without a key, that way people can still get a reward for doing dungeons instead of nothing what-so-ever. I think SWL is first f2p game I’ve played that give you no rewards at all for doing dungeons?


Maintenance extended 2 more hours.


As long as they fix it properly, I don’t mind downtime. It sounds like the problem was basically catastrophic to the market for aurum, so I’m guessing a total wipe or a severe rollback is in our future.


Hey guys, they’re new to this MMO stuff. Cut them a break.



It’s back (kind off). They also have some notes.


See, no need for a full rollback.


Ever since Anarchy Online I’ve had the sense that Funcom designers exist in another reality from their players. Sometimes their features work, and sometimes they don’t, but when they don’t the devs don’t acknowledge there’s anything wrong…

Anyhow, for the hell of it I’m slowly downloading the 20.7 gigs for the game. Data rate from their server is a small fraction of my bandwidth, perhaps needless to say. I did play the original game briefly. I wonder how much of the content has been left unchanged since launch?


Yeah, I’m remembering now when Secret World first came out, and how they’d created this really cool mysterious world, but with important bits that just didn’t work correctly. Yet you’d have no way of knowing it didn’t work correctly. It took quite a while before Secret World got as good as it is.



Created my first character (and only, since I only have one slot for now) today. Jane Constantine, Templar Trickster. I just had to after watching Constantine today. :)

So far, I really like the whole “secret world” approach. First missions right after the tutorial are pretty cool too. I’ll certainly keep playing to see where this goes.


Have they added much content since launch? First couple of zombie-killing quests in Kingsmouth seem the same as ever… I imagine their live team must have focused on high-level stuff.


There are a couple of new quests in Kingsmouth and on Solomon Island in general, but SWL really runs players on rails for the first few hours. It’s only after you kind of bust out a bit in Kingsmouth and on the coast that you start to find some of the stuff added post-launch.

In fact, I just remembered that the first major expansion to the game is a long quest line that starts in Blue Mountain on Kingsmouth.


The biggest content add was Tokyo, which isn’t in Legends yet. I really, really hope this is because they’re rethinking the godawful AEGIS system they used to make it challenging for people who’d ground out most of their wheel and had QL 10.5+ purple gear.


remember to add Q23 Chat channel.
And Rejoin it every time you launch the game appartely.

/chat join Q23


I just got back to the Innsmouth Academy, one of my favorite quest hubs in any game ever :) It’s also been great hearing from Kirsten Geary again.

But… Funcom :) Best-in-class writing, world design and voice acting, but every other aspect of their products appear to be run by well meaning amateurs. I think the tradeoff is worthwhile, as there is no other game like this. I can understand others reaching a different conclusion.

In any case, I’m in as Snit. If anyone needs help with anything, feel free :) And when we get to the bits with the group content, my AR-leach healer should be ready to roll.


24 dungeon keys spent now.
0 gear obtained.