Secret World Legends


Q23 is WRONG, dangit.


The experience required for each dose of SP/AP goes up as you get higher level and I’ve read that by the time you finish the story content you won’t have enough to fully unlock your two starting weapons, much less others for tactical flexibility. At which point it’s grind time or paying real money. Then again, once you’ve finished the story content, if you’re still hanging around you’re in for grind time anyway.

I am not a huge fan of most of the changes so far (I particularly hate having to switch between interacting with the UI and clicky-combat) but they’re not killing the experience for me. And they did improve a few things, like Agartha. And while I kind of liked the abruptness of your recruitment in the original game (which they might have expanded on prior to Legends, I haven’t rolled a new TSW character in years), I will say that the new intro sequence definitely is a much more gentle and informative introduction to the world and its concepts.

PS: For new players or folks who’ve forgotten, when you talk to characters you can keep picking the same dialogue option for new dialogue until it has a check mark next to it.


This. 70% of the reason I’m even considering replaying this is so I can reread Geary’s mission briefings. Best character I’ve encountered in any mmo by far.

Having been away from old TSW for years, anything I should spend my sizable Pax hoard on before I transfer? Can I buy any of the mounts with Pax, or new clothing vendors aside from Pangea?


Guess I should’ve spent all my currencies in TSW before I migrated my character… ah, hindsight… :)

We just did a two-person roam of Kingsmouth, was superfast to clear one of the quest areas. Used the Q23 chat channel. Great name. The best. Really.

Failed a quest challenge. Apparently I have to complete the quest then wait for the timer to redo it.
Also did my Daily challenges, now it asks me to do Optional Daily Challenge, which require amongst other things to do 5 Main missions.


So I looked for this on Steam. “Not available in your region”, it tells me.

But I got the standalone client and it’s downloading just fine, so all is well. I wonder why it’s region restricted on Steam.


Just don’t go into it expecting anything resembling a single-player narrative-driven RPG. It’s still 100% MMO.


still the only mmo i’ve bothered to read/listen to all and not just skip it to pick up pinatas.


I definitely liked the atmosphere and some of the quests back when I played at release but holy hell the new intro doesn’t do the game any justice at all. The new combat feels tacked on and is pointlessly locked to the reticle (and I usually like forced reticle MMO aiming).


Hey, it’s free now, and I heard good things. I can stand a little 100% MMO if story or gameplay is good enough.


I wouldn’t say 100% MMO. The gameplay is fairly similar to the old version, but the instancing is much more restrictive so instead of seeing dozens of people dressed as mermaids bunny-hopping through the world, you’ll usually only run into one or two.


Interesting quest: I am told to go into an area to disable something so that I can gather recon pictures of the area, once I completed the disable part, I do a recon of the area… to get pictures of somewhere I already physically visited…?

Yea, haven’t run into many peoples in Kingsmouth so far. And nobody dressed like me :)

Reward Bags Stack in 10.
It costs 500 marks to buy a key for normal dungeon. I’ve spent 12 today and only gotten “XP boosters” no gear.

Is there a barber in the game? I wonder if I should redesign my look, thinking hair style from Back to the Future - Great scot!


I’d say more MMO because of the various places they’ve added grind and F2P hooks.


Oh? So the old version is better for people who played it normally before it went F2P and continued playing?

I was hoping for more of an engine update tbh. But I guess it still works. Nice to revisit Kingsmouth anyway. Combat seems okish, but I must say I miss the old Skill UI.


It’s way too early for me to judge for sure. I just don’t like most of the changes I’ve encountered so far. On the other hand, if they’ve integrated the later issue content in the current zones better and otherwise improved the flow and quality of the narrative (and I have heard they have), that’d be a big point in its favor.


I’m really digging the popup quests and random named badguys that show up.


There were champion enemies in the original game, they were just really rare.


It’s not just that the game isn’t fully instanced. It plays like a MMO.

You run around and pick up a quest to kill 7 zombies then go around the back of the house to defend it from 3 groups of 4 zombies then get sent to 3 close-by areas to collect limbs from 3 separate types of zombies, then get sent to click on bonfires, and so on and so forth.

It’s WoW-style questing bullshit, done with less panache and style, less-evolved so you do one quest at a time rather than multiples like WoW. It’s navigating carefully as you run along to avoid mob aggro radius to do the quests efficiently. It’s not like a single-player RPG where every monster has a purpose, or a Diablo-style ARPG where the combat and loot collection itself is the point and glorious. You’ll grind on hundreds of zombies in the first zone before you’re done. It’s MMO bullshit.


At 1200 zombies killed now, still in Kingsmouth first zone.


Is there any way to increase the font size? I play at 2k resolution and everything is so tiny I can hardly read it.


I see this requested by others, so lets hope they add a better option!

I REALLY love Kirsten Geary (Illuminati) in her intro briefing to the Illuminati - such a great, great character!

“We’re like Xbox, only everything is hardcore” :-D