Senate Races 2022

Looks like we have our first candidate declaring for 2022, and it’s the person most in NC though should have ran in 2020- Jeff Jackson.

I’ve talked to him a few times- had some real disagreements on some things, but I trust the man and his heart.

Fetterman’s wikipedia page is worth a read. “Fetterman lives in a converted car dealership with his wife . . .”

A lot of lefty types consider Fetterman an heir to Bernie Sanders’s throne- at least for being President.

He’s well liked.

So far I like the guy, but my knowledge of his is pretty limited.

That said all the knowledge I do have paints him in a really good light.

Edit: The bad news for him is that you can’t be elected President with facial hair ever since women got the vote.

But if he shaved it off there’d be nothing left!

Not 2022, but 2024.

Argh, Jesus, no. What is she doing?

I see people speculating that it’s about continuing to raise funds, etc, but I don’t really know why she would have to file 4 years early.

Could she be primaried out?

I mean, I think it’s incredibly unlikely that she will run 4 years from now. I just don’t understand why she had to file now, no matter what she intends.

I read that this Feinstein’s move may just be a procedural/administrative move to carry over her remaining campaign funds from the last campaign - those campaign fund accounts are time limited IIRC and they only rollover if the candidate has a new campaign account. Something along those lines. Basically, this may not be an indication that she intends to run, just a way to hang onto the excess money. And my understanding is that she does have considerable leftover funds from 2018. I’m not sure what happens if she doesn’t open up a new campaign - those funds may just accrue to the State Dem party or something like that. Assuming all that is true, she SHOULD let those funds go to the state Dems but…

Ah, that makes sense, thanks!

I image the actuarial tables are pretty grim on her being alive four years from now.

The answer to this is yes, of course, but no sane Democrat is going to try to primary Dianne Feinstein. He or she would have to have a very recognizable name and access to tons of money.

And the DNC isn’t going to help here because they have limited funds and I’m sure they’d prefer to spend them in a race where they can flip a seat.

With jungle primaries, you just have to finish top 2. So there’s no real issue with primarying her.

True, and I think someone with name recognition could run a campaign praising her for her service, but suggesting to voters that we give her the chance to spend more time with her family.

I’m no political historian, but this feels unlikely to me. I think folks like Feinstein generally get to serve until they decide otherwise.

I mean, a Dem did try to primary Feinstein in 2018 (I voted for him) but Feinstein won both the primary and the general (due to the top 2 primary, Feinstein ran against her primary opponent both in the primary and the general, and he lost both times.)

Now, although Feinstein won, she won 54 to 46 so that’s not a complete “you have NO CHANCE” for any challengers. Her name recognition is powerful but not IMO invincible.

I feel that for the well aware person said name recognition is getting dragged as she continues to embarrass herself.

I hope.

The problem is not with the well-aware folks - it’s with the less informed voters who just punch the ticket for the familiar name.