Shadow and Bone (Netflix) stand-alone thread

Discussion about the show ended up being in the Netflix thread, but now that it’s gotten a second-season pickup I figure we might as well have a stand-alone thread.

I can’t say I have read the books, but I would expect the 2nd season to follow the Inferni and her kidnapper, and split some time onto our “main characters” a bit. They certainly seemed to hint that the first two will be a major plot element, though they might just unite them all.

I still need to watch this past the first ep. I really enjoyed Bardugo’s Six of Crows, which follows the street rats on a fairly ridiculous over-the-top heist thing.

Jesper is roughly as fabulous in the books as he is in the show. <3

So you made a thread for it, but what is Shadow and Bone, and why should someone watch it?

Because my wifes couch potato binge tendencies, I haven’t heard of this one.

Here ya go:

Jesper is basically Cat from Red Dwarf, but with guns.

LMAO - that’s a fabulous description

I’ve read the first two of the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the kidnapper / his Grisha captive, and the Crows are not in it. I’ve been told they show up in another series by the same author in the same world, so I guess the show runners are pulling elements in from everywhere.

Books are ok, but to be honest, I think the series is better. Those young actors are very personable. And Jigsaw is great as the villain. No, not that Jigsaw. The one from The Punisher.