Shadow and Bone (Netflix) stand-alone thread

Discussion about the show ended up being in the Netflix thread, but now that it’s gotten a second-season pickup I figure we might as well have a stand-alone thread.

I can’t say I have read the books, but I would expect the 2nd season to follow the Inferni and her kidnapper, and split some time onto our “main characters” a bit. They certainly seemed to hint that the first two will be a major plot element, though they might just unite them all.

I still need to watch this past the first ep. I really enjoyed Bardugo’s Six of Crows, which follows the street rats on a fairly ridiculous over-the-top heist thing.

Jesper is roughly as fabulous in the books as he is in the show. <3

So you made a thread for it, but what is Shadow and Bone, and why should someone watch it?

Because my wifes couch potato binge tendencies, I haven’t heard of this one.

Here ya go:

Jesper is basically Cat from Red Dwarf, but with guns.

LMAO - that’s a fabulous description

I’ve read the first two of the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the kidnapper / his Grisha captive, and the Crows are not in it. I’ve been told they show up in another series by the same author in the same world, so I guess the show runners are pulling elements in from everywhere.

Books are ok, but to be honest, I think the series is better. Those young actors are very personable. And Jigsaw is great as the villain. No, not that Jigsaw. The one from The Punisher.

I watched the first season. It was ok.

  • I really liked the faux 19th century Russia aesthetic, and the way it’s set into the transition period of magic starting to become obsolete by technology. And some really neat bits of worldbuilding around the magic.
  • The one thing the description of the series says is that it’s about a cartographer. Which sounded intriguing, but it matters for like one bit of plot setup 15 minutes into the first episode, and might as well be forgotten after that. It was particularly galling given how bad the series is at creating a sense of geography. There’s a lot of place names, but I have no idea of where any of those places is in relation to the others or to the fold. Even who is on the east and west side of the fold didn’t seem to be making sense early on.
  • I really wasn’t signing up for a teenager who has been born with special powers to save the world. Sorry, I’ve seen that story quite often enough.
  • I did not understand the Nina / Matthias storyline. The only intersections with the two main plots were too small to matter. I assume that they’ll play a bigger part in the next season, and had to be introduced earlier. But I think to make the character arcs and the relationship development at all believable they would have needed way more time than this. I think I’d rather have seen these characters come in from nowhere, but with an implied rich backstory, rather than what we got here.
  • A ton of people complained about the sound mix earlier when this was being discussed in the big Netflix thread half a year ago, specifically the dialogue being mixed too low. I didn’t notice that, so I wonder if they went back and fixed it.