Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Nice patch notes :-)

These seem like big changes:

-Rail Logistics => 5pts per Hex * (instead of 2)
-Truck Logistics on Sealed => 7pts per Hex * (instead of 5)

Making those investments far less worth while, unless I’m missing something.

Yep, those two changes were much-discussed in the forums. They’ll presumably induce us to build more intermediate rail and truck stations and supply bases – and to get to maglev trains quicker. I like the changes because trucks and rail did go a bit too far before.

One other significant logistics change: “After the 4th branching (not counting the source) logistics “runners” will suffer AP penalties (5th branch=10 ap, 6h = 40, 7th=90, 8th=160,etc…).” We’ll have to plan our branches more carefully. Again, I like this change.

Nope, my native is 1280 x 800, so that’s how the game runs for me.

I have a 30-inch monitor, but I strain to ready anything on 1920 x 1200 or above. How do you guys do it? Graphics I’m fine with ;it’s text I have trouble reading.

Ironically I have no trouble with text in the game but I struggle with text in the Matrix forums.

My plan at the moment is to use my annual slitherine/matrix coupon on this when it arrives in August/September, but it is very hard holding out until then.

Is there any way to delete roads?

You can delete roads in the latest patch.

Interesting change in the new 1.04 beta patch. Pull logistics which means your supplies don’t pour down a dead end road if you don’t put a traffic signal there to prevent it. This should make the system easier which of course has made lots of grogs unhappy.

Changelist to v1.04-beta2
-Added Pull Point systems for the Logistics
-You need to start a new game with this beta2 to try them out (wanted to minimize risk to disrupt running games)
-By default automatic Asset, Unit and City Pull Points are used. You can however switch these automatic points off in the Traffic Signs Popup
-You can place Custom Pull Points on any Hex you like and they will be added to any automatic Pull Points
-Hexes with Pull Points trace a path to either their City (Assets) or to their SHQ (Units, Cities)
-These paths will favor roads without traffic signs leading to them (so for some edge cases you can discourage use of a certain road)
-When Logistic Points find a branch in the Road they’ll first serve any Pull points that have been traced to their City/SHQ through that branch
-The Pull systems is logged and can be studied in the Logs of the Traffic Signs Popup
-On map in current LP view only the Custom Pull Points are shown in green.
-On map in history LP view the Pull Points used at start of turn calculations are shown in gray.
-On map in preview LP view the Pull Points as they’ll probably be automatically placed + your Custom Pull Points are shown in pink.
-On top of the Hex total Pull Point info block is shown a small red bar if Asset Pull Points are present, green if Unit Pull Points are present and blue if City Pull Points are present and black if Custom Pull Points are present.
-The City Pull Points are based on previous turn delivery requests + pickup requests
-The Unit Pull Points are based on the weight in supply they’ll request
-The Asset Pull Points are based on the minimal logistics points needed for them to operate without penalty
-You can also place a Custom Pull BLOCK on a Hex which nullifies any automatic requests of that Hex.
-These changes above require some fine tuning.
-The Prefs will remember if you disabled Asset Pull Points, Unit Pull Points and/or City Pull Points for a start of a new game. You can have different settings in different saves however.

-Field Training Stratagem will now only be played if little enemies around.
-Added rules to not allow random event based gifting of Methane Synthesis, Deep Core Mining and Water Atmospheric Recomposition if the Planet does not have the right variables.
-Added protection code for Assets being placed without road connection at game start
-Fixed a Stratagem mouse over inconsistency on who’s going to execute the Stratagem
-Fixed 3rd party Leaders founding new Factions and some other related minor glitches with those kind (and dead/left leaders)

This is why I am still holding off. From these beta patch notes:

“The calibre and weapon matrices were not being implemented as combat modifiers. Major oversight indeed. They will from this version on forward. Be careful when continuing with this beta as it might change the odds in your favor or disadvantage in especially mid to late game.“

I am not sure I understand what that means. Can someone clarify? If not, I’ll ask over at the official forum.

This is what makes Shadow Empire so good. The designer is still learning the rules, right along with you, a month after release!

Any particular reason you’ve chosen to troll this thread?

He obviously has a lot of contempt for the forum and his posts are almost all of the “your favorite band sucks” variety. Hey, @justaguy2, maybe refrain from hitting the reply button unless you’re actually going to participate in the conversations instead of just antagonizing other posters.


I was reading his borderline offensive posts since last week when I started following the thread, I can’t believe he’s still at it. He’ll be by in a bit to clarify that oh no, he’s really a huge cheerleader for the game and is just really enjoying following it’s progress, I’m sure.

Thank you @KevinC, @tomchick, @Scott_Lufkin. I had wondered if I was the only one irritated by his posts that have been, at best, annoying and not the least bit funny.

Hardly. He isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is. I just didn’t say anything because not too many folks were bothering replying to him or taking the bait.

He’s trolled other threads too. He’s just so clever.

Friends, FYI, I’m streaming this as part of Slitherine’s 20th anniversary tomorrow at 6 AM pacific and will be giving away five copies as well (along with five copies of Distant Worlds Universe). I’m still a n000b at the game, so watch me play slowly and badly. ;)

Very cool, don’t believe I’ll be pulling myself out of bed at 6am for it, I did this steam sale pick up Distant Worlds, so I’ll be dropping down that rabbit hole at some point, at the moment I’ve fully disappeared down the Victoria 2 hole and probably won’t emerge for awhile. And I intend to get Shadow Empire and spiral down into its depths once it’s released on steam.