Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Why so early? I will try to be there. Been watching YouTube videos of it, I am scared it has too steep of a learning curve for me, but it looks really interesting.

Not at all. I have found them exceedingly irritating, and it has required great self control on my part not to swallow the bait.

When I pointed out to him he’s enjoying trolling this thread rather than playing the game he responded that he didn’t own it.

That was 3 weeks ago and the point at which I muted him, so thanks to that feature I’ve been blissfully ignorant of his existence every sense.

That’s my normal streaming time.

That is a marvellous feature I did not know existed ;)

Thanks for letting me know :)

No, I don’t know the details of what the caliber fix means. I flagged it since he said it was a big issue, and since I am guessing combat calculations are important in this game. :-) Did you ask on the forums? (I looked but didn’t see it.)

I am following the patch notes closely waiting for the right time to dive in.

No, I wasn’t sure where to a find a thread that references that change.

It’s in the beta forum category, up top. I will ask the same question later, and report back.

That…was perfect


One answer, repeated here:

Armor thickness actually works as intended now. So using small arms (which are 20mm) against armor that’s thicker than 20mm results in massive penalties. And so on for all the weapon types.

Makes buggies with 50mm armor deadly against militia troops!

Original thread, might have more updates later:

Thanks for posting that. A later answer:

If Armor thickness in MM > the Weapon Callibre in MM, the attack suffers are penalty. Up to -90%.

Infantry small arms count as 20-40mm. Bullets vs 200mm armor operate at that -90% level.

After watching more of Das Tactics’ tutorials, I think it is possible to do well in this game with a surface level understanding of the systems. Understanding the level of detail like what is referenced above about caliber vs armor is not necessary. It is there for those who want to dig in, but you can get by without fully grasping it or micromanaging it. I watched the videos on model design and managing formations and was not able to digest all of it. But I don’t think I need to. In short, grasping the basics (his Rules of Thumb) is sufficient and you should not be scared off by the depth of this.

But, I say this as someone who not finished a complete game, so I could be totally wrong.

Is this Twitch only? Don’t see you on YouTube.


I am thinking about taking the plunge as well. I understand the concerns about graphics and GUI and obfuscated mechanics- but I used to be a grognard and appreciate that only a one man band can make something like this.

So one question only: how long does it generally take to complete a (winning) game?

So I started a new game with the new beta branch logistic changes. I haven’t got very far, but I’ll say the new system is a lot more intuitive. The big change is instead of a logistic source pushing points out equally to all roads, now the consumers of those points request as needed.

Screenie of the bottleneck overlay from early in a new game:

That thicker line going to the southwest is points going off to a second city, and the thin lines are going off to some mines and a few militia troops. In the previous version, all of the points from the central city would’ve been split evenly among all three outgoing roads, meaning the SE road would’ve had significant overcapacity, and the SW route would’ve had bottlenecks and lost points. To manage that would’ve required tweaking of traffic signs to throttle the overcapacity to the SE and push more to the SW.

With this change that sort of tweaking is done automatically. This should make the logistical system a lot more approachable I would think.

That sounds great. Does it render stop signs moot?

I think it reduces their necessity just to keep everyone fed. I imagine there will still be cases where you don’t have enough LPs along a route period and need to prioritize (like a military offensive).

Urg, this is a very tempting game. Has anyone who owns it played Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa, and can you compare the systems (both wargame and “RPG”) in those games?

If this has already happened, forgive me, it’s kind of a big thread at this point.

This may actually pull me back to a game I had decided to ditch.

Before, it just rankled me too deeply. The idea that there is a truck station, it’s ours rather than privately owned, and it has a supply of trucks. And each day, regardless of who or what needs to be transported, those trucks will fan out in equal portions at each intersection point including the station. Unless the president of the country personally intercedes. Each day. Honestly, it sounded like something from a person quite far out on the autism spectrum, who obsessed over arbitrary details.

This design change, assuming it moves from beta into the game, not only fixes my #1 complaint, but it very much reassures me that the goals of the game maker are compatible with what I consider to be balanced game design.

Game bought. I’m a sucker for games that do something original or ambitious, as lately it seems so many games are just small variations on a theme…

edit: How do you start a PBEM game? Can’t find it in matrix forums or in the manual…

edit: Ok, figured it out…it’s in the options after you’ve started a game…Hopefully I can twist my friend’s arm into playing this with me :)